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EastEnders 20th Anniversary

EastEnders 20th Anniversary

This lavish companion marks the 20th anniversary of the BBC’s most popular television show—recently voted Best Drama Series by the British Academy of film and Television Awards (BAFTA). 150 color photographs.

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3 Responses to “EastEnders 20th Anniversary”

  1. Caesar M. Warrington says:

    Review by Caesar M. Warrington for EastEnders 20th Anniversary
    This coffee table style book includes plotlines, character biographies and almost eveything an EASTENDERS fan needs to know about the show, its characters and the actors/actresses who play them. But those of us here in America beware; we see episodes which are 4-5 years, so there are spoilers galore here.

    I’ve been a fan of this long running Brit soap opera since the early 90′s, when it began airing on my local PBS station (WHYY 12).

    Unlike American soaps, this serial avoids over-the-top plots and absurd character developments. Rather, EASTENDERS chronicles the everyday lives and issues of everyday people living the fictious East London suburb of Walford.

    It was a shame when WHYY cancelled airing the show. BBC America has also removed it from its listings. Fortunately for me and other Philly fans it is now being aired on Lehigh Valley PBS station WLVT 39.

  2. Debra Ann Harris says:

    Review by Debra Ann Harris for EastEnders 20th Anniversary
    For those who want to know about the series this is the guide. It gives insight and allows you to catch up if you missed some episodes (as I did). Always loved the show (miss it) and this is a great read to remind me why.

  3. soulanchor says:

    Review by soulanchor for EastEnders 20th Anniversary
    I am a long-time EastEnders fan. I asked for this book last Christmas. I am moderately satisfied with it. It is fun to look back at the early story lines. The frustration I have with this book is the angle of the writing. I don’t know if it reflects British “tabloid” style or their version of soap-talk, but I didn’t appreciate the tone of it. But all in all, it was as good a compilation of EastEnders memories as one can find. SPOILER ALERT! For those of us who are stuck in PBS limbo with 2001 episodes (in Minnesota), this book tells all up through 2004! I didn’t want to know that stuff yet, but who could keep from reading to the end of the book?? A hint – some characters divorce, some marry, some die.

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