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EastEnders – 10-11-2011 (1)

Part 1 – Thursday, 10th November 2011 – Phil hunts down Christian as Ben’s lie sets in motion a devastating trail of events for all concerned. Amira is horrified as Yusef exploits the situation to manipulate Zainab. ALL CONTENT BELONGS TO THE BBC. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED

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25 Responses to “EastEnders – 10-11-2011 (1)”

  1. suns61 says:

    christian ur sooo fit ahhh sexy

  2. MrDonstrapzy says:

    phils like a pitballterrier lol jokes

  3. smudgers42 says:

    @priceboy3 well whatevs, I’m a “fairy” too so.

  4. priceboy3 says:

    I’m talking about “fairy”, which is…

  5. smudgers42 says:

    @priceboy3 not really?

  6. priceboy3 says:

    Homophobic much?

  7. priceboy3 says:

    You don’t get groomed into being gay. You get groomed into having sex, with who doesn’t matter, like Whitney did…

  8. EDW4RD17 says:

    @EastEndersOnTV Try saying that to people who have been sexually groomed into being gay.

  9. EastEndersOnTV says:

    @EDW4RD17 You can’t catch it. Just like you can’t catch stupidity – which is a good thing, because if you could everyone reading your comment would be infected!

  10. EDW4RD17 says:

    It’s about time someone sorted Christian out. He may not have touched Ben but it was Christian who turned Steven Beale, Syed and Ben gay in the first place. He hung around with them too much. Hang around with a gay and there’s a chance you turn gay yourself. BEWARE!!!

  11. xxxdarkheartedboixxx says:


  12. Demizz7 says:

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE BEN!!!! Amira,put an end to this. Yusef will continue going to far.

  13. srlibra says:

    Fuck i hate Phil i wish he could die Phils a prick and Yusef’s a snake.and i really like Jay he is about the only sensible Mitchell left and i just wanted that lying little fucker Ben to tell the truth, he’s lies are so sick that he makes me sick and i hate Phil and Yusef and Amira is a scheming bitch, i can’t stand the pouting bitch either.

  14. srlibra says:

    OMG Phil should of been arrested for that, and no one stopped him from smashing the windows of Christan and Syed’s flat he just got the baseball just to hit Christian with it what a thug Phil is, i can’t stand him but what a great punch Christian gave to that basterd Phil he is such a bully he’s hardman act is getting so boring now.

  15. 01jtiong says:

    best scenes ever

  16. 01jtiong says:

    best show ever phill is awesome keep it up

  17. xxxdarkheartedboixxx says:

    i hate phil, i want him to go back on drugs so he can becaome a joke for everyone to laugh at again pmsl

  18. tenyatseng says:

    Jay’s grown up so much.

  19. tenyatseng says:

    Ben needs to go back to juvi or something.

  20. tenyatseng says:


  21. bloomdepp says:

    i’ve never seen syed act so much like a girl b4 when talking about phil going to hurt him

    even though phil was attacking them it was so hot how christian kept syed behind him to protect him it was so sweet

    if i thought some1 touched my son i would act like that too

  22. 65vyleen says:

    They just keep ruining Ben-and I don’t mean by making him gay! He is becoming evil-first Patrick’s his victim now Christian!?! But when Christian hit Phil..LOL!

  23. 65vyleen says:

    They just keep ruining Ben! But when Christian hit Phil..LOL!

  24. SilverStarEyes says:

    Poor Cristian,he doesnt deserve any of this

  25. SilverStarEyes says:

    Ben is Evil

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