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Dumb Family Feud Family

“Name an animal with three letters in its name.” “Alligator.”
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25 Responses to “Dumb Family Feud Family”

  1. ranulia123 says:

    Maybe they were nervous and couldn’t think…but jeez
    1.) cow, dog, cat, etc
    2.) Juice, deli meat…the possibilities are somewhat endless XD
    3.) Texaco, Shell, etc
    4) Rain, sometimes hail, thunderstorms
    5) Baseball

  2. Brian211978 says:

    they said refrigerator!

  3. copyright1982 says:

    @peristalticrush Thanks for your opinion lol

  4. peristalticrush says:

    @copyright1982 There was nothing confusing about it. Anyone who thinks so is mildy retarded at the very least. Common sense would dictate that saying “3 letters in its name” means only three, not the overly specific bs you threw out there. As for the brand of gasoline, that’s self-explanatory too. He didn’t say what type of gas, brand implies specific name. If you aren’t stupid, there won’t be any issue with these questions.

  5. Jmac0585 says:

    Rich is brutal with these guys. They earned it, though.

  6. Jmac0585 says:

    I wonder if Richard liked the real dopes, or hated them.

  7. copyright1982 says:

    I can actually semi see why they got confused by the first question. It shouldve been worded: Name an animal with ONLY 3 letters in its name. Any animal with 3+ letters has 3 letters in its name.

    Same, sort of, with the brand of gas question. Shouldve been: Name a brand NAME of gas.

    There is, however, no excuse for the answer ‘snow’…

    2:33 ‘Good answer!’ lol

  8. Hoksila1000 says:

    this was so fricken hillarious my mom and i nearly died “You dont use Narcotics, do you???”

  9. SouthAmericanFishMan says:

    CAT? DOG? USE YOUR BRAIN so many answers

  10. TheRunningComedian says:

    @phillysports626 hate to be technical but, back in the day, the freezer was in the fridge.

  11. nelsonr12 says:

    @spida817 your just jealous that we have heat.
    Either that, or ur just talking out of your ass

  12. ViciousRanger says:

    How bad do you feel if you’re the family who lost to those guys

  13. luvasia says:

    @bornofdesire32 lol that means water cubes instead of ice cubes lol

  14. luvasia says:

    @phillysports626 That’s what I was thinking lol:)

  15. manicania says:

    It smelled like my grandma’s old house at the end…ah I miss that smell…

  16. WolfEyesatNight says:

    they got paid?
    only in the US.

  17. AnUnexplainable says:

    If you can make 415$ by being a complete dumbass, life would be too easy…lol

  18. rj1982ii says:

    In some places in the world snow comes with a summer storm: like Antartica and the Artic Circle.

  19. evilcatears says:

    It’d be interesting for him to give “alligator” answer for every question asked:

    “Something found in refrigerator” ; Alligator (ok thats just fail rhyme)
    So guess what is comming with summer storm.

  20. jsilence418 says:

    @spida817 I live in Canada and there are quite a collection of hillbillies here as well! I am addressing one now .

  21. supabmg3 says:

    @KingKaiju54 Ha Ha Ha Ha

  22. supabmg3 says:

    @rl555 Excellent point!! LOL!

  23. supabmg3 says:

    FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY….I love Richard Dawson!

  24. AznBakaMich says:


  25. KingKaiju54 says:

    ALLIGATOR!!!! this will b the answer to every question i am asked from now on.

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