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Dude on Price IS Right bids 420 over and over

On this episode of The Price Is Right contestant Evan Goding does what he’s waited for his whole life. He makes it up to contestants row and bids 420. Not just once. A bunch of times. The crowd loves him and at one point he even makes Barker blush.
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25 Responses to “Dude on Price IS Right bids 420 over and over”

  1. sheanaless21 says:

    433 people have actually done this and lost everytime ..

  2. crackerwill209 says:

    that bitch did him dirty

    hahaha ima have to go with 420 bob

  3. AdrianBaxter says:


    …and Let’s Make a Deal (w/ Wayne Brady) is even better. Can’t beat those Zonks! :o )

  4. alexjestermusic says:

    Proof stoners are too dumb to win anything.

  5. BasicBuddy says:

    4-20 weed day :)

  6. mrabuckten says:

    i want to kick her puppy and slap her newborn HA

  7. iceychill101 says:

    420 Bob.

  8. clarisadaleus36 says:

    uuh i really do need a new boy toy hihi

  9. MinnesotaToker420 says:

    the price is right is the shit when you’re stoned.

  10. AleRox9995 says:

    katheen loler? lol

  11. changoblang says:

    wow Tiff that was really shitty of you.

  12. fanbobbarker says:

    party time

  13. GeezaGooderz says:

    bitch no such thing as fucking 421!!

  14. Truthiness231 says:

    @jesuslikedpie You do realize that it’s all about advertising, right? I thought that was painfully obvious to all… not like the Price is Right people are thinking “I wonder what we should give our guests today”, it’s all about “hey, what companies are wanting a spot on the show and how much will they pay for it?” =P

    Although the dick you’re arguing with really is a total dick who doesn’t know dick; who looks at a craigslist price to judge what retail price is? The two are greatly different…

  15. volcomnater11 says:

    @SargentandGreenLeaf a transtube is more than 200 by its self. and the guitar isnt even worth 100, lol it is made of plywood afterall :p

  16. jesuslikedpie says:

    @SargentandGreenLeaf lets just assume you are a dick who doesnt know dick about dick. my only question is, why do they have these prizes for a show who’s fans and contestants are mostly old women? they want pie tins, detergent, and dining room tables, not guitars.

  17. SargentandGreenLeaf says:

    @jesuslikedpie oh reeally, lets ust assume you post comments without knowing dick about what you are talking about, so ill just refer you to this link, its the guitar being sold on craigslist for 35 dollars… craigslist . org/chc/msg/2009240419 . html

  18. chrisrenn1990 says:

    this guy is a failure!!!

  19. AGentertainment says:

    trolling IRL

  20. DoughBoy319 says:

    This is nothing. Earlier this morning, some blonde chick was called down to contestant’s row for the 2nd bidding game and she didn’t make it on stage b/c she bid $420 on every single prize. That would be 5 prizes!

    Someone needs to make a video of all 5 of her $420 bids.

  21. jesuslikedpie says:

    @SargentandGreenLeaf lets just assume that the Price Is Right does not shop at wallmart for their electronics

  22. sotoj159 says:

    Fuck that 421 Bitch!!!

    I fucking hate it when people bid $1 more than another person.

  23. SargentandGreenLeaf says:

    uhhh the prices on this show are wayyy wrong

    the guitar amp combo wouldnt cost over 199$

    and the karaoke set woulnt go over 50 bucks

  24. Zombiegod667 says:

    I was watching that shit this morning too, that shit made my day

  25. duquedelsol says:

    At least this guy bid $1420 once…the women this morning bid $420 FIVE TIMES…you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to win some pretty good prizes and you waste it so you can say “4:20″ on national television…no – pot doesn’t kill brain cells…

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