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DS9 – Quark is enjoyable

“Come to Quark’s! Quark’s is enjoyable! Come right now! Don’t walk! RUN!” This is a halarious video I located websurfing. Quark is so funny in this DS9 clip. Thanks to MrPsychic8472 for commenting on which episode this is from (see comment). Hope everyone enjoys this clip.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “DS9 – Quark is enjoyable”

  1. Xerock says:

    What episode is this from?

  2. tag1981 says:

    Quark is the most underrated character in Star Trek history.

  3. HondaCivic123451 says:

    Oh shit…

  4. kakashi76767 says:

    I would go to Quark’s. And I wouldn’t walk, I’d run!

  5. temporaldisplacement says:

    Wow …people are still using mac’s for graphics in the 24th century. lol (in the 24th century computers will be free …..but the iPad-908 will cost 17 bars of latinum ….no additional functionally but has a very tidy trilithium case.)

  6. brownblair98 says:

    At the end,I think O’Brien was more scared of Kira than Quark.

  7. sadailinikada86 says:

    @axom20 Hehe, hes my second best actually :)

  8. axom20 says:

    @sadailinikada86 hes in the top lists but garrak really shines when hes being his true assain self

  9. Deekin1234 says:

    @jastvo That would truly be awesome, particularly if he we in charge of Weps:

    “Captain, I’d love nothing more than to launch these photon torpedoes at that Borg cube, but surely a man of your considerable experience & refinement understands that I need to make a small profit on this transaction.”


    “There’s time – the cube is more than 90 seconds away from us. Let’s discuss this over by the Dabo tables…”

  10. sadailinikada86 says:

    Quark is the best ST character ever.

  11. engared says:

    I like Quark cause hes the most human one of them all honestly. The rest of the crew are almost inhuman in the way they act. Too perfect, too clean.

  12. BasutoFurea says:

    @Scorptilicus he truly knows Kira┬┤s guts

  13. Scorptilicus says:

    Even O’Brien seems intimidated by Kira’s threat.

  14. PenelopeRobinson says:

    kira is soooo cool!

  15. SpockLover27 says:

    Don’t walk, RUN! XD

  16. Indird says:

    i would pay 50 dollars to have that cup if it had the ad play when u tip it over!

  17. Restayvien says:

    There would be so many Picard facepalms =)

  18. danny156wc says:

    @Whyisthisthat I watched that scene about 8 times, it’s really annoyingly funny – just the thing to irritate the hell out of a person. I love the part where my name rotates around. You can’t blame the other cast characters to find him annoying, even their enemies want nothing to do with him.

  19. Whyisthisthat says:

    Don’t Quark run lol

  20. tehbubbles1 says:

    The guy who plays Quark is Principal Snyder on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!! ….Well, this explains a LOT…

  21. TheRadical42 says:

    Hee-hee, this IS fun. Quark was great. And I’ve wondered, how come there IS no advertising in the Star Trek Universe? There seemed to be advertising on Babylon 5, for example. Way to go Ferengi, they are capitalists after my own heart.

  22. Martok86 says:


  23. kelincihutan says:

    @tenkenroo Well, if Worf says so, I’m not going to argue (to his face)… XD

  24. tenkenroo says:

    @kelincihutan It’s a warriors drink!

  25. BlueCrystalGem says:

    @kelincihutan You have a problem with that? It’s a great warrior’s drink.

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