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Taken from MR Show. Parody of HR Puff N Stuff

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25 Responses to “Druggachusettes”

  1. bsharp61 says:

    I want that Bong!!!!

  2. dytommydee1 says:


  3. kpickett15 says:

    I can taste colors! HAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Brenda2OOO says:

    Ahhh the early 70′s. Such a simpler, more innocent time. I need a brownie.

  5. xiocrafter says:

    Mr SHow was so fuckin funny.
    The original Kroft shows parodied therein are damn good also.

  6. FreakinSweet87 says:

    Was that Tom Kenny as the announcer? Also, the title alone is worth 5 stars.

  7. Jeannified says:

    This is HIGHlarious!

  8. tyger2011gotsupsend says:


  9. Paulgr says:

    david cross was billy

  10. skullbasher115 says:

    the one that played billy is david cross

  11. skullbasher115 says:

    the other guy is david cross

  12. Paulgr says:

    Bob Odenkirk was the guy with the glasses,Skullbasher.

  13. aguitargodb4u says:

    I must have watched every one of those drug induced Krafft shows back then, they were awsome. Being from Massachusetts this just puts the icing on the cake. Man could I go for some “shrooms”.

  14. skullbasher115 says:

    is that david cross with the glasses

  15. thaibites says:

    I love Gurgles the bong!

  16. lipssmear19 says:

    YEAH!!! Counter Cultered

  17. underdogdayafternoon says:

    Not only one of my favorite Mr Show sketches but definitely one of the best Krofft parodies ever. Captures the weird, hallucinogenic feel of those shows for “kids.” Also Tom Kenny (with the prosthetic nose here) does possibly the best Charles Nelson Reilly impression ever.

  18. iamsosquid says:

    IS he cool? Yeah, he’s cool, LOL!

  19. Taranchula says:

    As Mayor of the Altered State of Druggachusettes, I declare this pizza to be…awesome!

    Possibly the most spot on parody of the Krafft Brothers in the television history.

  20. WickedWonder1979 says:

    OMG, this is the best thing I’ve seen all day. “Is he cool man?” “He’s cool!” “You’re just… parannnooiiddd!”

  21. Mandi7882 says:

    Mr. Show was the BEST on HBO..and this is one of the best skits they ever did. I love it! Thanks for posting! :)

  22. MagicalMistoffolees says:

    HILARIOUS!!! this is so wierd tho!!

  23. jnittoli1 says:


  24. norbizness says:

    My favorite line is definitely: “Oh, hi, Josie… why do you hate me?” “Why do you hate MEEEEE?”

  25. silkysurferx says:

    I saw this vid one night after i got home and had no idea what the fuck was goin on. Seein it again is comforting

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