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THIS COMEDY SEND UP OF THE CLASSIC CRIME SERIES DELIVERS MORE THAN JUST THE FACTS.The line between parody and tribute can be hard to draw, but any marginally hip baby boomer who ever watched Jack Webb’s straight-laced Detective Joe Friday caught a gl

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  1. Blah says:

    Review by Blah for Dragnet
    Dragnet was released in the summer of 1987.

    I first saw this movie when a friend brought the movie over and I was doubled over in laughter from beginning to end.

    The film was basically a send-up of the original dramatic series but with set in 1987 and non-stop comedy from beginning to end.

    Dan Aykroyd plays Joe Friday’s nephew Joe Friday to perfection and Tom Hanks was classic as his hip new partner Pep Streebek whom loved living dangerously.

    Friday’s stiff upper lip and insensitive persona and Streebek’s free-spirited, care-free persona clash from smoking to how to operate high speed chases, food tastes and everything in between.

    The two head PAGAN villians Emil Muzz(played by Jack O Halloran) and Reverend Jonathan Wurley(played with perfection by Christopher Plummer) are the funniest villians I have seen on film.

    Key moments in this movie are when Friday and Streebek first take a trip to the zoo(Friday says the missing lion’s mane will cause kids not to see a lion again and Streebek responds “Kids, it’ll grow back” and kids respond with cheers), when they go to the Bait mansion(parodying Playboy), then when they meet Enid Borden, then when Friday and Streebeck chasing Emil Muzz(alot of humorous dialogue that ensues between Aykroyd and Hanks), go undercover to the PAGAN meeting, Friday’s arresting of Wurley at The Brown Derby and then the ending battle with PAGAN.

    I don’t know why people pan this film, this is a classic and one of few movies I can watch start to finish without hitting skip scene or fast forward.

    Recommended for those open to give film a chance and not for those who either are not fans or those who have a vendetta against me and counters my review for no reason!

  2. C. A. Luster says:

    Review by C. A. Luster for Dragnet
    Any fan of Dan Akroyd’s or Tom Hank’s style comedy will love it. Anyone that likes movies like “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Police Academy”, or “Naked Gun” should like it. Even fans of serious police movies or shows will probably get a kick out of it.Joe Friday, played by Dan Akroyd, is serious about his work, even if his partner Pep Streebek, played by Tom Hanks, is not. Akroyd does a great job of emulating the original Dragnet Friday’s inflections and no nonsense style. A cameo by Harry Morgan is fitting since he played in the original TV show.The duo must uncover the leadership and plans of a satanic cult that is playing havoc with the city of Los Angeles. In their search they encounter a smut magazine king, a religious leader, the mayor, and a bevy of pin-up girls. Several sight gags and Akroyd’s performance make this DVD worth owning.Not much in the extras department. It would have been better if it included a making of feature and/or commentary by Dan Akroyd and Tom Hanks. I would have given it four stars then.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Review by for Dragnet
    Anyone who doesn’t like this movie is suffering from the mind-altering effects of the pseudohallogenic compound Cyanigin (inside joke: get it?). With Tom Hanks, Dan Aykroyd, Christopher Plummer, (don’t forget Dabney Coleman!), this movie offers a fun-filled romp through a Playboyesque mansion, a “Milk. Fresh, wholesome milk.” factory, and a part of Los Angeles where it’s best not to stand on the street corner at 10pm on a school night whistling.Seriously, though, this is a fun movie. While Aykroyd isn’t up to par given his previous role as Dr. Raymond Stanz (late of Columbia University) in Ghostbusters (“Does this pole still work?”), he’s much better than in some of his others: The Couch Trip, Sneakers, etc.Christopher Plummer is genius, as always.For all you law students, this movie offers a good lesson on the First Amendment, with the whole pornography/book burning thing.

  4. Debra Stewart says:

    Review by Debra Stewart for Dragnet
    This movie is as good the first time you see it or the third or fourth. Tom Hanks and Dan Aykyrod are hilarious in their own unique way. You will never regret purchasing this movie.

  5. movieFAN says:

    Review by movieFAN for Dragnet
    whether you are a fan of the original Dragnet series or not, this is a fun movie — in the same way Airplane spoofed Airport, this film gives a comedic twist to the most serious situation.

    Dan Akroyd is wonderfully dry, yet soulful, while Tom Hanks is outrageous, but with a heart.

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