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Dragnet – Volumes 1-6 (6-DVD)

Dragnet – Volumes 1-6 (6-DVD)

24 episodes on 6 DVDs from the classic “”Dragnet”" television series.

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List Price: $ 47.88

Price: $ 20.05

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2 Responses to “Dragnet – Volumes 1-6 (6-DVD)”

  1. Hong Kong Phooey says:

    Review by Hong Kong Phooey for Dragnet – Volumes 1-6 (6-DVD)
    Am I missing something? 24 shows on 6 DVDs? And these episodes ran for a half hour on TV, so that means they’re really about 22 – 24 minutes without commercials. So, that’s 4 episodes per disk…and all this for almost fifty bucks. No way! They could have fit all of the episodes on two disks for about $20, and left room for special features.

    Hold off for a special edition, or something like that. Dragnet (the 1950′s version) was much too good of a show to get this type of treatment!

  2. J. Guilfoyle says:

    Review by J. Guilfoyle for Dragnet – Volumes 1-6 (6-DVD)
    I read the only review on this product, but was wanting this set so bad, that I ignored the review. I was expecting Seasons 1-6. But what I got was 6 DVD’s with 4 random episodes on each DVD. What a disappointment. At them same time, I ordered the Sanford and Son DVD Set. It has 6 seasons, but 146 episodes. Its my own fault. I thought Volumes was the same as Seasons. But I love Dragnet. I just wished I owned all of the episodes.

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