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Dragnet Trailer

The trailer for the movie Dragnet

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  1. truemetalist89 says:

    epic movie. watched it yesterday on Encore

  2. SergeantLuke says:

    I think they altered his voice a little to make it easier to understand for the trailer- he is talking pretty fast.

  3. bcd62092 says:

    That was probably a deleted scene. The DVD I have doesn’t show that scene.

    Also the scene where Caesar asks “take a lot of kidding about that?” and Friday says “almost never” was deleted.

  4. drxcreatures says:

    I’ve always loved this movie. :)

  5. beutelkompost says:

    no it was actually slowed down.

    Dan Aykroyd can talk MUCH faster!

  6. beutelkompost says:

    yes it was, when they were after the Nazi folks

  7. ASKconard says:

    Dan and Tom were terrific in this. I think this one of the top TV to Film adaptations. It’s great to see Tom when he was fun and not a Hollywood fat cat.

  8. Brownshoe24 says:

    A GOOD Hockey team !

  9. jacko39 says:

    great movie!

  10. MsReGoJo says:

    Thanks…for posting this! One of my all time favorite cop shows!

  11. Commandoj251 says:

    lol thank god its friday

  12. Venkman007 says:

    That first shot of Aykroyd emerging from the manhole cover–that wasn’t in the flick….

  13. LovelyPennyLane says:

    God i love tom hanks xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. JimmyMVideoJukebox says:

    the audio seems to be sped up fast

  15. shelbey9 says:

    Wow, Dan Aykroyd’s voice sounds so different in this than I’ve ever heard it before. He is so good with impersonations.

    Love him!

  16. Doncahounas says:

    I donĀ“t know why but i loved this movie…!

  17. kevininbuffalo says:

    Tom shouldn’t take himself so seriously, first time I ever saw him he was in drag in a short lived TV sit com called “Bosom Buddies.”
    Dragnet is a big step up from that!

  18. Cool2BCeltic says:

    Tom Hanks doesn’t seem to think too highly of this film. But he shouldn’t be ashamed of it. It’s entertaining and much much better than the Police Academy films. I detect quite a few scenes inspired by Stan Freberg’s St George and the Dragonet.

  19. recruit71 says:

    God I love this movie!

  20. jessd76 says:

    “Lemme tell you something Strebeck. There are two things that differentiate us from animals. One, we use cutlery. Two we’re capable of controlling our sexual urges. Now YOU might be an exception, but don’t drag me down into your private hell!”-best quote EVER

  21. ReturnofRetroBoy says:

    “I found the snake.”


  22. retrorocker says:

    What’s with the audio on this? Dan Aykroyd doesn’t sound like himself at all. Was this an international trailer? Audio issues aside, I think this trailer is pretty cool.

  23. dragonwarrior541 says:

    Great Movie, someone should post the scene when Connie is no longer the Virgin Connie Swale. The look on Tom Hanks is priceless.

  24. code2high says:

    Ackroyd is better at playing Friday than Jack Webb!!!

  25. NJDevilsRule says:


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