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Dragnet “The Big Cast” (1952) – Part 1

With Lee Marvin

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25 Responses to “Dragnet “The Big Cast” (1952) – Part 1”

  1. 48alfaone says:

    And Lee Marvin was the Best Actor Ever, period!!

  2. 48alfaone says:

    I love Jack Web, he is so cool!! Also great as “Pat Novack For Hire”! Thanks for posting!

  3. MajorMarvin says:

    @roughyed7 Ugly? Hey now, This comment was a little tough to read since I am related to Lee.. But I reread it and realize you actually commended his performance… If not, to each his or her own anyhow..

  4. TheMahaffy says:

    does the second character always take off his glasses before he goes into arrest somebody?

  5. displayfireworks1 says:

    fastest cop hand cuffer ever 2:23

  6. MrJackDamon says:

    Been watching this online for a week now. Excellent show. Lee Marvin here. WOW!

  7. roughyed7 says:

    I once worked with a guy who wore a hat all the time. He even slept in it , so it was the rumoured.

    One day a few of us guys were fooling around and his hat was knocked off his head and he went totally ballistic.

    I thought Joe behaved with admirable restraint.

    Who the hell wouldn’t give the ugly punk Marvin a good slapping given half a chance.

  8. JubalCalif says:

    Heavens to Artie Green….it was certainly weird to see the late great Jack Webb smiling widely at the beginning of this clip. guess that was because it was the commercial. Never saw him smile much on the show. Lee Marvin certainly was one of cinema’s most memorable nogoodniks! THANKS for sharing this clip with us!

  9. Tengent says:

    Television soundtracks were so beautiful.

  10. fourthgirl says:

    Hey, anyone can make a mistake. He didn’t know they were cops. LOL~!!!! I love this show!

  11. storrs19 says:

    Excellent episode. Barney Phillips is playing Ed Jacobs who was a temporary replacement for Barton Yarborough who played Ben Romero. I love the 1950′s Dragnet. I wish Universal would get off their ass and put this out on dvd season by season.

  12. charmedcasanova says:

    I loved watching this show late at night when I couldn’t sleep I miss the old Nick at Night when they showed real TV golden Classics

  13. adjoshe69 says:

    Only a few years from the end of WWII and just as Korea was beginning. Lee Marvin was a real life vet with several kills. He got shot in his rear and credits his Sergeant with saving his tail – and others. Here’s how that vet looked beginning his career as an actor… Consider that next time you watch “Hell in the Pacific.”

  14. lindapittsburgh says:

    I love this show!!

  15. silverbird58 says:

    i think he is goin down

  16. RandomGuy097 says:

    stay up late watchin DRAGNET never alone cause jimmie is the magnet!

  17. NATURECAMHD says:

    Jack Webb was the bomb! I LOVE THIS SHOW! But in a real fight, I think that Marvin would have kicked Webb’s butt. What a shame that not all the episodes are out on DVD. 1967 is the only complete season that is out.

  18. hop21537 says:

    im a huge, huge dragnet fan, never ever new this old 50s one exsited, wow, howlong did it air, and were can i get some fotage!

  19. circeannumber6 says:

    Lee Marvin with a pompador?!? THAT AWESOME!

  20. Bestmanme08 says:

    Great new bio (Charlton Heston: An incredibel Life: Revised Edition) has Jack Webb! Bio at amazon!

  21. ulsh1 says:

    OMG you kids have no Idea of real life!

    Email me.


  22. dithbmine1 says:

    Whats new, women lie, cheat steal all the time and get away with it….

  23. wardenphil says:

    The law is full of fine distinctions. Last week, a woman shot her boyfriend to death in a parking lot….multiple times.

    The police took her to the station and questioned her as a “person of interest” for quite some time before arresting her, even though there were multiple eyewitnesses. However, the moment she either invoked 5th Amendment or tried to leave, she would have been instantly arrested. Making the arrest is a “game changing” event which gives the suspect many more rights.

  24. fromthesidelines says:

    On radio at the time, ‘mp’, Webb was still selling “Fatima” cigarettes. At the start of the television version, it was “Chesterfield”. In the fall of 1952, Liggett & Myers began “pushing” Chesterfield on the radio series as well, due to the popularity of the TV show.

  25. tigerfan1984 says:

    That’s really too bad, Barney did a good job. In fact, I think all of Webb’s partners were terrific. My favorite two were Ben Alexander and Harry Morgan.

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