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Dragnet “The Big Cast” (1952) – Part 1

With Lee Marvin

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25 Responses to “Dragnet “The Big Cast” (1952) – Part 1”

  1. penumbra155 says:

    @bkgartist Sometimes on Sunday nights I blunder across a frequency here outside of DC where they’ll play the old Dragnet radio shows. Totally awesome to listen to. Jack Webb was something else…

  2. mpontheair2 says:

    @jimaroo100 In the one episode I know Thad Brown is seen in, Raymond Burr plays him; search “The Human Bomb” (one of the best Dragnet episodes IMO).

  3. OrodesIII says:

    Although “it was sultry in Los Angeles”, the detectives are wearing woolen jackets and fedoras. LOL

  4. jrwel14 says:

    love to find his movie about a newspaper. Saw it years ago.

  5. jrwel14 says:

    great show! love how they said, The Big this, the Big that.

  6. jimaroo100 says:

    I loved it when they used the name Thad Brown, chief of detectives. That was a real guy who was in fact chief of detectives for many years on the LAPD.

  7. GooglFascists says:

    By now in this day and age the “suspect” would have been tasered or
    shot to death. Matter of fact people are tasered & shot to death all the

  8. lonenut740 says:

    @pazios2002 I was wondering too, but he looks older in ’52 dragnet and twilight zone started in ’59.

  9. pazios2002 says:

    isnt his partner the guy who had the third eye on twilight zone? The guy that ran the diner? I have never seen him in anything else. Cool.

  10. hebneh says:

    The “Sgt. Friday” character was so distinctive (and often satirized) that it’s odd to see Jack Webb in “Sunset Boulevard”, made 2 years earlier than this show, as a happy-go-lucky, friendly, exuberant guy – the opposite of how he acts here.

  11. RichieEastside says:

    @bigred997 The difference between actors then and actors now is that actors back then all started on the stage and actually learned how to act. Actors today start as models. You can always tell the difference between modern actors who learned the old fashioned way and the ones who were just models that learned to read lines. Unfortunately the latter are the majority.

  12. zandoboy says:

    @bigred997 bla bla bla

  13. spactick says:

    @johnnynoirman Ya, I never saw him do any acting that wasn’t great. His role in The Wild One is histarical.

  14. spactick says:

    @pastthebar LOL ya your right. Great observation.

  15. carrgees says:


  16. pastthebar says:

    Badge 714…Number of Babe Ruth’s home runs.

  17. johnnynoirman says:

    Lee Marvin is superb here and everything did.

  18. 48alfaone says:

    And Lee Marvin was the Best Actor Ever, period!!

  19. 48alfaone says:

    I love Jack Web, he is so cool!! Also great as “Pat Novack For Hire”! Thanks for posting!

  20. MajorMarvin says:

    @roughyed7 Ugly? Hey now, This comment was a little tough to read since I am related to Lee.. But I reread it and realize you actually commended his performance… If not, to each his or her own anyhow..

  21. TheMahaffy says:

    does the second character always take off his glasses before he goes into arrest somebody?

  22. displayfireworks1 says:

    fastest cop hand cuffer ever 2:23

  23. MrJackDamon says:

    Been watching this online for a week now. Excellent show. Lee Marvin here. WOW!

  24. roughyed7 says:

    I once worked with a guy who wore a hat all the time. He even slept in it , so it was the rumoured.

    One day a few of us guys were fooling around and his hat was knocked off his head and he went totally ballistic.

    I thought Joe behaved with admirable restraint.

    Who the hell wouldn’t give the ugly punk Marvin a good slapping given half a chance.

  25. JubalCalif says:

    Heavens to Artie Green….it was certainly weird to see the late great Jack Webb smiling widely at the beginning of this clip. guess that was because it was the commercial. Never saw him smile much on the show. Lee Marvin certainly was one of cinema’s most memorable nogoodniks! THANKS for sharing this clip with us!

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