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Dragnet – Joe Friday Gets “ROUGH” With Suspect – Classic!

Joe Friday gets “physical” with a suspect when he won’t cooperate. Great acting by Jack Webb.

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25 Responses to “Dragnet – Joe Friday Gets “ROUGH” With Suspect – Classic!”

  1. TheFrogger15 says:

    It’s interesting how different the 50′s Dragent & the 60′s Dragnet were. Friday was this kickass cop in the 50′s but in the 60′s he just seemed to make a lot of speeches. Don’t get me wrong, both shows were great.

  2. coprographia says:

    @BUNGLEJYME ahahhahahaa, yes
    Oh, wait. You’re serious? Eww.

  3. grendeljack says:

    Hey, what episode is this from?

  4. Killenwolf says:

    Just another jerk cop making speeches and beating on suspects while not doing crap

  5. madbicyclist says:

    Nowadays, it’s politics and big bad crack dealers with automatic weapons. Back in those days, it was all about doing the job for the cops, and the criminals had sixshooters.

  6. radioactivenews says:

    Where in the hell is the A.C.L.U.?

  7. palonejr says:

    This is when we had real cops.
    Cops have to ask permission to arrest someone.
    Cops now imitate Military now because of hard core gangs and drugs smugglers.

    I like the old days better with the cop on the beat making sure we were ok.

    Now were on our own.

    Cops are here to write the report after your a victim.

    Its not the cops fault, it is the lawyers.


  8. 3devv4 says:

    god I love this -! The SLANG is great, “…the monkeys on your back, you’re gonna have to help scratch it off” hahahahaha He has that speech pattern that “men of a certain age” had (my grandfathers generation), where every threat was prefaced with “Listen, Mister..” This must be the only clip where he doesn’t use that phrase.. Thank you for posting this

  9. emmtampa says:

    Rotary phone…cigarette…that tells alot!!

  10. alexp9999 says:

    right, because abusing power, betraying public trust, and committing brutality SHOULD be part of each American’s life experience, guilty or otherwise…besides, i thought folks were innocent UNTIL proven guilty =/

    ahhh, the good old days–you guys really had your shit together back then. lower crime! dedicated cops! cleaner streets! too bad they also lynched black folks. that was fail, to say the least =/

    one good thing about the good old days, though: they’ll never come back.

  11. SheriffTankStoner says:

    @ohiofan1989 Yep, like Howard Culver, Peggy Webber, Martin Milner, Stacy Harris and Virginia Gregg. Wasn’t pre-Paladin Richard Boone considered part of Jack Webb’s ‘Stock Company” for the 1950′s at least?

  12. SheriffTankStoner says:

    @ohiofan1989 And he shared the spotlight with Stacy Harris in the Dragnet 67 Season 4 episode ‘The Pill Maker’. Sam was voice of Paul Carter in the Dragnet 67 Season 2 episode ‘The Squeeze’.

  13. Lambieschmoo says:

    I’m gonna push you………..

  14. InvisibleRightLegLad says:

    If he wasn’t an actor he coulda been an auctioneer.

  15. Juliaflo says:

    I second that.

    John Randolph Webb was one of television’s noblemen.

  16. MisterMasterShafter says:

    Jack Webb, one of the Gods of TV cops and real America. Where the hell are he, McGarrett, Kojak, Starsky & Hutch when we need them now? Instead of all this PC progressive crap.

  17. silverbird58 says:

    we need joe today

  18. volfire2 says:

    This is the video version of the episode “The Big Hate”. If anyone knows the air date of this one, I would greatly appreciate it.

  19. hourlynewscaster says:

    It ran FIRST on radio (my God, let’s not forget radio) in 1949 and continued through the 1957 season, while running concurrently on TV, with different episodes, starting in 1951.

  20. SithLordRising says:

    Wow! This was before Joe transfromed into Mr. Roboto.

  21. olabntrpr says:

    Man, look how young Jack looks! He looks even younger than when he played “The D.I.” which I think WAS after the first Dragnet shows.

  22. GiacomoC says:


  23. wdc2998 says:

    Rodney King would disagree. LOL

  24. noctemacternus says:

    Joe didn’t mess around…I think there were only 2 episodes where he actually smiled

  25. MrRightNow469 says:

    That’s the most violent the L.A.P.D. ever gets.

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