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Dragnet Jack Webb Promo (Long Version)

Here is a 60 Promo for the hit television series DRAGNET starring Jack Webb. I would imagine that this was aired when the show was in syndication sometime in the 1970′s.

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25 Responses to “Dragnet Jack Webb Promo (Long Version)”

  1. TheKingofSlots says:

    Fifty years ago, 911 call takers put the info down on run cards and conveyed them to the dispatchers on a moving belt. Some places still do it that way!

  2. 415Riggs says:

    used to be a nice place to live……now lol

  3. 415Riggs says:

    that badge used to mean more than the mayors office, city council members, and specifically organized crime. it was and is a proud symbol…… but with the new america welllll whatever nothing is sacred anymore other than socialism

  4. 415Riggs says:

    a 13 series shop.. lol

  5. Teflon65 says:

    Something cool about Jack Webb, in a counterintuitive way.

  6. topper866 says:

    Love that Jack Webb

  7. Mistertbones says:

    Part of the promo was used in the intro of Adam-12.

  8. bphutchins says:

    are you fucking insane?

  9. 2222554 says:

    Also take note of the orange background, red letters, gold and circle/sphere/ring seen at center of badge…

  10. 2222554 says:

    In the series Dragnet 1970 the two badges they show add up to a 6 & a 9…

  11. 2222554 says:

    Badge number adds up to 12 and the police car number adds up to 21…

  12. bigjimsteelrod says:

    probably my favorite show of all time, all the incarnations, whats good now is, i find a lot of the old black and white ones for a dollar at various dollar stores, the radio ones were good too-loved ol’ jack Webb’s stiff walk and delivery, he was married to ol Julie london, after their divorce he was good to her and good friends with her new husband Bobby Troup, he hired both of them for Emergency

  13. pullybrit says:

    I knew you’d see it my way LOL ;)

  14. pooyan6969 says:

    There i agree with you! What criminal would walk into a NRA convention trying to rob someone LOL ;)

  15. pullybrit says:

    By firearms…… or by criminal activity? Agree to disagree, but I feel a hell of a lot safer at an NRA convention (where there are a lot of guns and law abiding citizens) than in the general population of any given state prison (where there are a lot of murderers and rapists without guns, nor any respect for human decency).

  16. pooyan6969 says:

    And that’s why the United States has the highest rate of death caused by firearms….
    More so then some countries fighting in civil War.
    Enjoy your “guns”

  17. pullybrit says:

    Hey all you liberals! He said that the cops are outnumbered by known rapists, murderers, and thieves by a 7 to 1 ratio. Still feel safe by relying on the cops whenever you here something going bump in the night?

    Well, there are over 3 million people in this country who are NRA members, and I’m glad to be one of them!

  18. Nemeses24 says:

    I really like the way you think :)

  19. shaithis45 says:

    I was born in the 1970s, and I did take a Filim History/Appreciation course back in college. I just started to realize we had an excellent calibre of acting back then. My other favorite was The Grapes of Wrath. I do have my movie favorites and TV favorites for modern times, but there are still some movies from the early 20th century I still want to see.

  20. Nemeses24 says:

    Yeah, Alfred Hitchcock, the true master, and he always gave credit for his success to the imagination interaction of his movies with his viewers. No one could create true suspense like he could. And in North by Northwest, Cary was great, a real classic of a movie :)

  21. shaithis45 says:

    One of the best movies I like was North by Northwest where a bunch of guys forced alcohol down Cary Grant’s throat. That was just very classic along with the drunk driving seen and the courtroom appearance.

  22. Nemeses24 says:

    Yes, I agree with you. Sure, back then the video/lighting quality wasn’t as great. But it didn’t matter. Some great scriptwriters came out of those days, and even more importantly…. viewers had to use some of their own imagination when viewing. There was no need to show gratuitous gore, blood, sex, and violence. The viewer’s own imagination filled that in, and that made the viewing experience unique to them. And why we remember them today. Imagination… today’s missing ingredient.

  23. pigletized says:

    No problem, always like to share info. on music, film, etc.

  24. shaithis45 says:

    thanks for telling me about that pigletized

  25. pigletized says:

    Try “Fancast Dragnet” online. They have other shows available too.

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