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Dragnet Jack Webb “Alcohol VS. Marijuana & LSD” Great Speech

Sgt. Joe Friday delivering a great speech from the episode “The Big Prophet.” (1968)

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25 Responses to “Dragnet Jack Webb “Alcohol VS. Marijuana & LSD” Great Speech”

  1. MFBueno63 says:


    citation needed for what?? the fact that cannabis, mushrooms, and all psychedelics in general can’t kill you?? look it up, the LD 50 rating on these substances is out of control…..u can’t overdose on them…and these drugs have never been linked scientifically to anything that would cause a death….they are illegal because they make people question things without blindly accepting them…no government wants their masses to question things lol….thats the last thing they want

  2. anthony62490 says:

    Sure got a lot of potheads here.

  3. anthony62490 says:

    @MFBueno63 [citation needed]

  4. IwantS2000 says:

    Guess the guy rambling on looking pissed is an alcoholic and the guy whos sitting back peacefully letting the alchoholic make a fool of himself is the pothead …..which one would i rather be…….? hmmm

  5. WutDfuzz says:

    He said Marijuanna is the flame and LSD is da bomb.

  6. wildhippy says:

    @Caroleeena That’s why, in part, the whole 60′s happened. They all tried pot, and it helps with these kinds on insights too – it’s like *puff puff*….Oh my god – they lied about everything!!!” I’ve seen it happen right before my eyes. Massive life changing epiphany just like that.

  7. wildhippy says:

    @PsychoPunk1965 That’s my new sig. “LSD is the bomb” — Joe Friday.

  8. wildhippy says:

    What a bunch of bullshit. MJ is an order of magnitude less harmful than booze. If you eat in in cookies or brownies it’s no worse than a cup of coffee on your system. The writers are just trying to justify stupid laws because they didn’t see the big picture back then. Big pharma. the prison industrial complex. etc. coke in the suits/crack in the streets dichotomy et al.

  9. VelvetCyberpunk says:

    LMAO, he’s so narrow minded and everything he says is wrong but I love it.

  10. mpontheair2 says:

    @rooflee Yeah, LSD is da bomb.

  11. generatrix999 says:

    Judgement? Right… the Government will make your decisions for you, that’s the message here.

  12. rooflee says:

    “LSD is the bomb” LMFAO

  13. PsychoPunk1965 says:

    LSD is the bomb. Thank you Joe Friday…

  14. walts44 says:

    Funny. I’ve never seen a pot head puke at 4am. Or beat his wife for that matter. Joe looks like a whiskey man to me. A mean one too.

  15. lvcarmel says:


  16. Caroleeena says:

    Our govt lying about how dangerous marijuana is (or, to be more correct, is not) is the gateway drug. Lumping pot in with highly addictive drugs like heroin and cocaine is stupid. The first time someone smokes pot and finds those talking points to be bunk, they begin to question everything they were told, to believe it was all a lie. Even the stuff that was true. And that’s more dangerous than any drug. No more lies about this public health issue. No more propaganda.

  17. capmconnundrum says:

    Dragnet was good when it was on the radio, then it got all sanctimonious and preachy in the 60′s Jack Webb liked to wear dresses, y’know… Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong wth that :^)

  18. eternalrabbit says:

    lol @ this guy

  19. clintonskakun says:

    LOL!!!!!!!! WTF

  20. MFBueno63 says:


    if u really dont think alcohol and violence go hand in hand, then ur dumb….extra dumb…has there ever been a domestic violence case where alcohol WASN’T involved???? u are so unevolved my friend its a joke…..alcohol kills 100,000 Americans a year….marijuana, LSD, mushrooms( all psychoactives in general) have killed ZERO people in thousands of years of use….ur just a god damn moron who can do NOTHING to back up anything u claim….

  21. MFBueno63 says:


    sense of judgement???? have u ever tried smoking pot??? u are going to think differently and lose ur normal judgement, but it is not going to be replaced w/ a “bad sense” of judgement….u will simply see things from another perspective that u would not been able to see from before…..marijuana is the least harmful “drug” in terms of any physiological effects of ANYTHING out there(legal or illegal)….lighten up a little bit and enjoy a joint…

  22. Emidretrauqe says:

    Could it be that marijuana is a gateway drug? Or could it be instead that users of the harder drugs don’t see anything wrong with trying marijuana as well?

  23. kellyjustus says:

    I have Fibromyalgia. Some people think I be able to use weed to control the pain. Fact is I don’t trust it. I don’t want to lose my sense of judgement for a little less pain.

  24. Chubigans says:

    It’d be crazy if LSD were actually like that.

  25. kingjack9999 says:

    Who needs Alcohol, LSD or weed when we have paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomysin?

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