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Dragnet 1968: Season Two

Dragnet 1968: Season Two

This is the city: Los Angeles. It is 1968, and Sergeant Joe Friday (Jack Webb) and Officer Bill Gannon (Harry Morgan, M*A*S*H*) are hitting the streets once again in the name of law and order, to protect and to serve. The community landscape is litte

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  1. Glenn M. Schoditsch says:

    Review by Glenn M. Schoditsch for Dragnet 1968: Season Two
    OUT with Universal and IN with SHOUT! Factory.

    Major kudos to Universal for allowing SHOUT! Factory to take over the Dragnet franchise! This is THE classic Dragnet that we grew to and know love with Jack Webb’s Joe Friday teamed with Harry Morgan as Officer Bill Gannon. SHOUT! Factory has a superb track record with crisp video/audio season sets as with “Adam 12″, S.2-5, and “Dragnet 1968″ has followed suit. Among the 28 episodes of Season 2 are two of Dragnet’s finest narratives; “The Shooting Board” & “The Big High”.

    And just check out the super bonus features for Dragnet 1968: Season Two–

    *Dragnet 1966 Pilot Movie

    *”Jack Webb: The Man Behind Badge 714″ Featurette

    *Original Dragnet Trailer

    *Commemorative Booklet

    Optimistically seasons 3 & 4 are on their way. This really makes up for the short comings of Season 1 from Universal!

    UPDATE: 07.14.10

    As many reviewers have noted, SHOUT! Factory initially excised the 1st 2:15 minutes from the 1966 Pilot Movie. This footage, while fairly tame for today’s dramas, is slightly disturbing but really should have been included. Now I’m hearing that a replacement disc will be offered with the 1966 Pilot Movie intact.

    UPDATE: 07.20.10

    I sent an email to SHOUT! Factory for a replacement disc on a Friday afternoon and there was my replacement disc #1 in the mailbox the following Monday. Talk about a DVD distributor taking prompt responsibility; Woo Hoo!!!!

    Much obliged SHOUT! Factory…..

  2. Peter W. Many says:

    Review by Peter W. Many for Dragnet 1968: Season Two
    RE: The Dragnet pilot movie (included as a bonus feature on disc 1): To viewers like myself who watch this movie and come away with the feeling that they’ve missed something – you’re absolutely correct! This DVD version is missing the two-minute introductory montage narrated by Jack Webb (“This is the city, Los Angeles, CA——”) during which we’re shown a young blonde female, tied up and cringing in terror, while a homicidal photgrapher fondles the cord he’ll shortly use to strangle her. The montage also shows a (male) corpse being dumped from a car, a body in a hotel bed, and a rose discarded in a hotel room wash basin – all of which are related to the cases which follow. (I should add that over the years I’ve watched this movie various times on various TV stations, and this opening montage has ALWAYS been included before! One wonders how this DVD company managed to overlook this omission.) No Dragnet episode seems complete if we don’t hear Jack Webb say “I work here. I carry a badge.” Anyway, I offer this info to silence nagging doubts, and to reassure Dragnet fans that they aren’t imagining things!

  3. M. Farfaglia says:

    Review by M. Farfaglia for Dragnet 1968: Season Two
    “What’s your name, fella?”

    “Freddy, man, Freddy the Loader.”

    “That’s your last name, is it, ‘Loader?’”

    “No, man, that’s just what they call me.”

    “Who calls you that?”

    “Everybody, man.”

    “Got a job, Freddy?”

    “Ain’t got the time.”

    “Then where’d you get the bread to score?”

    “Don’t need money man, that’s love grass.”

    “Yeah, right.”

    “In the Valley, man. Really square…”

    Three words: The Big High. A stunning slice of classic 60′s television that’s as potent as its subject matter and will leave you breathless. What other episode would give you a no-nonsense lecture on the dangers of recreational drug use (“No, I don’t have time for a lecture, I’m just going to lay it out for you straight…”), throw in a Bible lesson (“Try Chapter Five, lady, the Apostle Paul also said this…”) and, for the obligatory levity, reveal the hidden ingredient in Bill Gannon’s special barbecue sauce? Having given up all hope that Universal would deliver Season Two, I kept a VCR handy should my lost copy taped off Nick at Nite two decades ago ever resurface. That this absolute gem of docudrama was withheld from the discriminating DVD-buying public for so long is a crime in itself. God bless you, Shout Factory!

  4. Dean Wisland says:

    Review by Dean Wisland for Dragnet 1968: Season Two
    Season One was released in 2005, but nothing since. Now Shout Factory! has picked up the 1960s version of Jack Webb’s Dragnet. Coming out July 13, it will include all episodes from the second season, Dragnet 1968. So hopefully 1969 and 1970 will soon follow. Thank you Shout!

  5. California Dreamin' says:

    Review by California Dreamin’ for Dragnet 1968: Season Two
    Wow! I absolutely love this DVD set and the terrific job Shout! Factory did in producing it! First class job by Shout! Factory, including topnotch bonus extras. “Dragnet” (Joe Friday and Bill Gannon) was such a classic & entertaining 1960s TV series, and it is a must-have addition to my DVD collection – I am thrilled with this set, and highly recommend it! I can’t wait for Shout! Factory to release Season 3 and Season 4 of “Dragnet.” Great show!

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