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Dragnet 1951

Taking the successful radio program to the new medium of television, Dragnet was famous for its use of actual Los Angeles Police Department case files. Jack Webb portrays Sgt. Joe Friday, who works the day shift with his partners on a variety of interesting cases. This program was reincarnated in 1967; eight years after its first television series had ended, with Jack Webb reprising his role of Sgt. Joe Friday.
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9 Responses to “Dragnet 1951”

  1. donethatbefore says:

    I wish I could get the very beginning notes as my ringtone.

  2. iiYuTube says:

    It is such a DAMN TRAGEDY how BAD TV ( cable TV or even Satellite ) has BECOME TODAY – There is NO NEED of Language / Sex – LOOK at Dragnet here NO Language and YET a GOOD PROGRAM , of course the Crime Drama is Still not for kids obivious reasons BUT Dragnet here is Still a Good DECENT Program for Adults

  3. palonejr says:

    The lawyers have screwed Police work since then!

    Loved the old Dragnet



  4. ashleysweet530 says:

    this theme song scared me when i was a child

  5. mrspideyguy says:


  6. kerbschnitzerxxx says:


  7. ryoushii says:

    Identical to the radio opening.

  8. rachaelseitz says:

    Jack Webb…what a teddy bear! I’d break the law if I thought he’d come to arrest me <3

  9. frankd1965 says:

    A classic cop show for the ages. Joe Friday ALWAYS played by the book.

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