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Dragnet 1951

Taking the successful radio program to the new medium of television, Dragnet was famous for its use of actual Los Angeles Police Department case files. Jack Webb portrays Sgt. Joe Friday, who works the day shift with his partners on a variety of interesting cases. This program was reincarnated in 1967; eight years after its first television series had ended, with Jack Webb reprising his role of Sgt. Joe Friday.
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25 Responses to “Dragnet 1951”

  1. FallenToast says:

    daaam da dam dam!

  2. emsman100 says:


  3. steve7138 says:

    Joe Friday has Obama haircut

  4. Diehighpie says:

    We play the theme song in Marching Band this year ^_^

    The show is called The Heist

  5. dankwarth says:

    @buzzkillmetalmusic – I also had the same idea! its similar

  6. buzzkillmetalmusic says:

    @Poisuna perhaps Dragnet was aired in Swedish at one point and Johann or one of the other guys must have heard the theme and played it on guitar or something. i guess it really is a small world after all lol.

  7. Poisuna says:

    @buzzkillmetalmusic Amon Amarth just played in my city last Tuesday, they closed with “In Pursuit of Vikings”…I’d obviously heard the song before but it was only then when I realized the similarity to Dragnet’s theme. What the heck, eh?

  8. thefirefighter2011 says:


    taking from what episode?

  9. ciavarella1292 says:


  10. buzzkillmetalmusic says:

    the thing that’s funny is the song “In Pursuit of Vikings” by the metal band Amon Amarth sounds like the theme to Dragnet. you guys might want to check that song out.

  11. ArcanineBr says:

    I love this show

  12. NoNamer123456789 says:

    epic intro…….love it!!!!!!

  13. GENSIPE says:

    bum bum bum bum, bumbumbumbumBUM!!!

  14. bobjimjones says:

    so this is the theatre of life song

  15. nevikselarom says:

    Thumbs up if Theater of Life comment sent you here

  16. nano69ify says:

    R* brought me here.

  17. The31415927 says:

    Your license plate, DANNO…

  18. HikoSeijuroXIII says:

    Probably the most ominous theme of all TV shows ever. And easily one of the most recognizable. Often played for lulz in later TV shows such as Married With Children.

  19. MichaelMorbius4ever says:

    I always thought this song belonged to a Sherlock Holmes movie/show.

  20. DeinemNachbarn says:

    hhahahaha i thought i was the only one :’D

  21. cakarotun says:

    @Lufttygger306 Pero andate a la concha de tu hermana pedazo de pelotudo,seguí poniendo esos videítos chotos así me sigo cagando de risa de vos ;) ,gordo pelotudo

  22. Lufttygger306 says:

    @cakarotun era sólo un buen consejo! si no se puede hablar Inglés, que definitivamente no son lo suficientemente maduros para usar Internet. puedes chuparme la polla, si no me creen.*

    *google translator

  23. cakarotun says:

    @Lufttygger306 Chupame la pija pelotudo,Motherfuck Bitch

  24. Lufttygger306 says:

    @cakarotun Shut up and speak english

  25. crazyjosiah says:

    fast relief for heartburn nothing does it better than Tums

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