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Dr Who: Daleks vs Mechons – the Third Peter Cushing film trailer…

Everyone knows that there were two Dalek films in the 1960s starring Peter Cushing. It’s not generally knwon that there was a third film made in 1967, based on the Doctor Who TV serial ‘The Chase’. The master print of the film was lost in a fire in the Aaru / Amicus archives before the film was officially released. In 2009, in a box of dusty, charred old film canisters in the basement of a church in northern England, I located the last surviving footage from this film. All that survived was the trailer… I hope you enjoy it! Andrew (Voiceover by Mole – PA Smith)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Dr Who: Daleks vs Mechons – the Third Peter Cushing film trailer…”

  1. captaintarel says:

    that was definatly one of THE best dalek vids on you tube, the only one as good this the invasion of skaro

  2. IshmaelSkyes says:

    Very clever and very funny!

  3. rojblake82 says:

    I think it was a shame we never got the third dalek, serial the Chase as a film or even the fourth dalek serial the Daleks masterplan as a film either. It woud have been bloody brilliant to have had the, Chase and Daleks Masterplan as films but never mind we cannot have everything in this world. I liked the android Doctor in the Chase which was, the first story in Doctor Who to feature doubles of the Doctor and/or his companions . That idea was used many times in the show’s, history and was good

  4. MrBendyRuler says:

    I finally found it…..the greatest movie of all time!

  5. Trayusstudent1 says:

    @MrMarvel323 Seriously :O me too by the looks of it then, thanks for telling me :)

  6. MrMarvel323 says:

    @Trayusstudent1 In the closing credits of The Chase, the name is actually spelt Mechonoids, according to Doctor Who Magazine. I was shocked to find I’d got it wrong all these years.

  7. OttselSpy24 says:

    OMGA it’s better every time!

  8. OzymandiusCG says:

    So F’ing brilliant. I keep coming back to watch this trailer. Love how it all feels like Technicolor.

    Hope they find a copy of the full feature one of these days :)

  9. KirksMerkin says:

    (2:53) Christopher Lee actually scares a Dalek with sheer horrifying BADASSEDNESS. LMFAO I’ve rewatched that segment 20 times now.

  10. OttselSpy24 says:

    oh, brilliant!

  11. soundwavesuperior101 says:

    It would be good if you hadn’t claimed it to be reel >:(

  12. jimothylove says:

    Absolutely adore this!

  13. Trayusstudent1 says:

    @thrawn1 Mechons are another name for the Mechanoids. They were originally going to be called that in The Chase.

  14. thrawn1 says:

    what are Mechons?
    i have never heard of them what so ever.

  15. techmki says:

    lol brilliant – it’s really believable

  16. dcm2221 says:

    How brilliant! Can’t fault this at all. I was half expecting a CGI testicle, I mean Mire Beast.

  17. MrCrassuswild says:

    totally brilliant

  18. cbatt91337 says:

    @MrGJEProductions LOL

  19. MrGJEProductions says:

    @cbatt91337 well excuuuuusssseee me, princess.

  20. cbatt91337 says:

    @MrGJEProductions The producers were going to make a third film starring Peter Cushing but due to low takings in the Box office for Daleks invasion Earth 2150 ad they shelved it.
    This is also fact.

  21. solidbronze says:

    @TheEocene Magic! :)

  22. TheEocene says:

    @Aquatics64 Yeah, how did he do that bit??

  23. TheEocene says:

    Christopher Lee! XD

  24. gibbonduder182 says:

    those clips from Carry On Screaming are rather well used ;-)

  25. Aquatics64 says:

    Brilliant – I like the Aridian and the Sand Dalek, and I have absolutely no idea how you did that last bit.

    The only thing that could be improved would be some better Dalek voices – though knowing them they’d be like that in the movie.

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