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Dot’s Homophobia – EastEnders – BBC

Barry Clark opens up to Dot about the nature of his relationship with Colin, and is shocked to encounter her angry reaction. Shocking clip from EastEnders, broadcast in 1987. Deals with adult themes. Visit for all the newest news, sneak peeks and behind the scenes gossip.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Dot’s Homophobia – EastEnders – BBC”

  1. lw13594 says:

    She can’t afford to be homophobic with a face like that

  2. ShanonLeah says:

    Homophobic is such a silly word. I’m all for the gays/lesbians/bi’s and that but it’s stupid if you think you can “come out of the closet” and everyone will be accepting because it doesn’t work like that; some people are bound to feel a wave of this word “homophobic” because to be a homosexual is different and a new experience to some people.

  3. xsarasmith says:

    Bless her, I think she just doesn’t know better than her God ‘cus she’s always been Christian and she’s old fashioned, I’m gay but I don’t get defensive when I see this kinda stuff.

  4. FinalFantasyAerith says:

    I love how people are saying it’s bad for it to be man on man but it’s ok if it’s two girls. There’s nothing wrong with it either way. You can’t condradict yourself just because you’d find the girl action ‘hot’ it’s totally ignorant.

  5. TheHotgrl318 says:

    LOL. She’s so religious. It’s normal to be homophobic. :)

  6. hardman476 says:

    gay = two men
    lisbien = two girls yer it is….but its sick when its two blokes

  7. ashcroftovgy says:

    she still has that coat

  8. djsims2 says:

    Back then they had little knowledge of the subject so homophobia was common.

  9. AlgerianMAZB says:

    Don’t blame her

  10. septimis7 says:

    @hardman476 thats a condradiction in itself lmao (btw yay for us gays)

  11. MapleAndAnimeCrazy says:

    I hate homophobia -.- but to be honest this tyoe if attitude was pretty common back then, still is abit now. Dot’s changed alot, but she still has that same old hairstyle XD

  12. XsweetstarliteX says:

    she has since grown to understand/tolerate ad is one of my fav cast members, she’s too funny

  13. samgray75 says:

    @hardman476 what a twat

  14. GigglezTheJerk says:


  15. WhovisionTV says:

    Forgive me if im wrong.

  16. LZJoZ says:

    @hardman476 You ARE joking,right?

  17. Sasha2999 says:

    haha this is really interesting clip, to think Dot’s attitude was pretty common back then (although there are still idiots now who think like she did, they need to get with the 21st century). Anyway I’m glad Dot changed in later episodes!

  18. Errghhh says:

    well that was rude

  19. hardman476 says:

    being gay is totally wrong however girl on girl is alright

  20. hardman476 says:

    being is totally wrong however girl on girl is alright

  21. Hulk2k6 says:

    Pretty good quality for 1987!

    Now that’s how to take care of archive recordings.

  22. JamieandhisIbanez says:

    her voice has changed so much. its really low and croaky now

  23. jamiehasnomercy says:

    lol donts reaction.

  24. BrandyDarko says:

    @CaliDude1984 To control the African population

  25. CaliDude1984 says:

    Dot looks so young! haha

    I think the US Government created AIDS.

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