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Donny & Marie Show

The Best of Donny & Marie. Thirty years after the original Donny and Marie show, you have the opportunity to get together once again lisent to old sound stage in Utah and look back on some clips from all four seasons of the show.

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25 Responses to “Donny & Marie Show”

  1. Deppdevotions says:

    poor poor skunk

  2. OneSteveUnderGod says:

    Ok that right there was just too cruel, and yet somehow I can’t stop knuckle chuckling. I somehow think that if this were to air today we’d have animal activists jumping all over it screaming abuse when what they should be doing is applying CPR to some poor oil stricken sea cucumber.

  3. 7fire7ice7 says:

    hilarious, is this on dvd yet?

  4. carriemia12 says:

    that is just evil LOL!!

  5. MyPinkCow says:

    Best scream EVER! =)

  6. screaminghallelujah6 says:

    Man, I agree TV land should bring this back. I JUST started getting into the Osmonds (i’m 16) and I reallllyyyy want more!

  7. tonyasmiles1 says:

    I am crying now about Marie’s grief and Donny’s dedication to his sister. Love Love Love — Everytime my mom see you , Marie on any video _ she says ” Tonya that is your twin” I have always been told that i look like Marie ALL my life. Now not so much – but my pics that i show — every one says the same. Now i am empathizing with her pain. Thanks for being you and i wish you well!! : – )

  8. abawl2009b says:

    I agree on that I hope they bring back the donny and marie show bonnie

  9. osmondlover129 says:

    @Inuyashafan5677 …i’m 14…and well…. i’m absolutely in love with him and David Cassidy…if you see my room…you would know what i mean lol

  10. specificgravity says:

    Marie was (and still is) friggin’ Hot. I remeber watching the show when I was a kid. I didn’t even know what sex was but I knew I liked something about her….lol.

  11. BoloDrek1 says:

    TV land should play this show along with The Jacksons Variety show. TV Land should be playing old school stuff just like they started. Bring back Flip Wilson and Ed Sullivan. TV Land is becoming a bore, when you’ve have played all seasons of a show within 2 to 3 months and start back over again repeatedly, it really sucks. TV Land, show more 60′s 70′s and 80′s shows! Switch it up!

  12. VIEWTUBE00000 says:

    This was when television was worth watching. You think TV Land would get hip to this? No way, they’d rather show cheap-to-license crap like Andy Griffith and Roseanne. Very sad.

  13. alrozz says:

    After watching this show I had a flash back when I first masturbated with dove soap looking at Marie

  14. schs1977 says:

    @reneee800 – TV Land is a waste of time. As for Donnnie/Marie – I have always has a crush on Marie and at 50, she still looks good to me!

  15. BlogShag says:

    They were hella funny, not super talented singers, but talented enough, They didn’t have Auto-Tune in those days, and they were a far cry from the schlock they call talent (singers) today.

    There is something about them that seemed too goody two shoe though. Perhaps it was because there was no crotch grabbing or Marie going onstage in a corset. Entertainers had class in those days.

  16. Inuyashafan5677 says:

    People need to post some more episode clips up, i’m 16 and just getting into The Osmonds and would really love to watch some stuff from this. I love Donny Osmond, he was adorable and soooo cute back then! I love his smile <3

  17. gittejacobsen1 says:

    Sorry, that is not a badger…it’s a skunk

  18. Kalhari says:

    please die

  19. Sanosuke004 says:

    “Thats no skunk.. that is a badger!”

  20. TheMindfx says:

    big faggot

  21. Mactube21 says:

    Did she fall at the end? She did give him a look while she was singing her song

  22. Evexin1 says:

    Really wonderful and fun

  23. christinacharisma says:

    THIS IS HILARIOUS! I LOVE IT! Thanks for posting.

  24. GoddessFourWinds says:

    *totally LOLing at Marie’s screaming*

  25. nikinana123 says:

    I used to love this show

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