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Donny & Marie Show

The Best of Donny & Marie. Thirty years after the original Donny and Marie show, you have the opportunity to get together once again lisent to old sound stage in Utah and look back on some clips from all four seasons of the show.
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25 Responses to “Donny & Marie Show”

  1. anasuikishibe says:

    @Isolation1 I actually could help it

  2. samsudinabubakar says:

    I was 10 then, and remembered well the programme.

  3. TheEmilyrose15 says:

    They don’t have anything like this anymore! Why wasn’t i born 30 years earlier? I love this show! (and Donny Osmond)

  4. 1996gymnasticsfan says:

    What is the Skunk’s name?

  5. rosario508 says:

    @jesrmaxw I couldn’t agree with you more. I know I was born at exactly the right time because my childhood coincided with The Donny and Marie Show. (And Star Wars)

  6. jesrmaxw says:

    This is so great. Dude I wish I was going up during this time. I would say this I would be soooo in love with Donny, He was so cute back then. This was so funny, You don’t get shows like this any more. That sucks, what ever happen to the good wholesome clean fun, now I don’t even watch TV any more because of the crap thats on now. Oh well.

  7. drpepperlover123 says:

    I wish they had these types of shows today instead of what they have now.

  8. lmc6973 says:

    Love Donny and Marie…they don’t make shows like this anymore

  9. wizzo194 says:

    Thanks for the memories it reminds me of my childhood in the 70s when tv was great!!! I sooo love this!! Now im 45 yrs old & still love the 1970s!!!

  10. judy49luvsles55 says:

    thank you for posting this i love the entire osmond family and never missed a show of donny and marie and its still as great to watch these as when they were on air

  11. reverendflash says:

    Freaking Marie out with the skunk and the mouse like that would be such an easy thing to stage, and yet her terror seems genuine, like they did it differently in rehearsal.

  12. sp0ngeb0bgrl7 says:

    I love it when Marie flips out!!!!!

  13. vennyvenus1 says:

    Was that The Pointer Sisters in a 2 second clip at 1:50 mark?

  14. kendrix62 says:

    Poor animal!!! He might be scared!!

  15. njo425 says:

    Totally Hot!! They dont make em like Donny anymore!!

  16. alrozz says:

    Marie was nice and tender back then. She has a lot of miles on her right now, but she still cooks.

  17. FUNCHOMCLALA says:

    God he was so sexy. lol

  18. cheufell0 says:

    I like that show. It was funny you did a good job Donny. I like the mouse.

  19. getoutofmyway01 says:

    That poor SKUNK. all of that screaming. Poor baby. Shoulda sprayed both of them.

  20. thanksforthemessdick says:


  21. isfahan99 says:

    @reneee800 oh yes !!! i also would love to see this on german tv..instead this csi shit or reality shows !!

  22. Kayanatomy says:

    I totally agree with u. I first learned about them when Marie was on Dancing With the Stars.

  23. 8mycrab says:

    The huge charm with this show was watching their brother/sister sense of humor. They are like that with each other even in interviews today. Sibling relationships are so like that. You get together with them and it’s just the same as when you were kids growing up.

  24. mafrico says:

    They were so corny, but they had the greatest smiles and I loved them!

  25. ilovemetal97 says:

    i loooooove donny!! marie’s pretty sweet, too.

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