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Donny & Marie Christmas Show

Donny and Marie also performed as a duo, and hosted their own variety show, Donny & Marie, the cristmas show 1978
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25 Responses to “Donny & Marie Christmas Show”

  1. rhymeandreasoning says:

    @88Mickyfan i agree..i always wanted to meet him..if i could have dinner with any celebrity i think i would choose Donny…something about him i really like..seems like a totally decent guy.

  2. 88Mickyfan says:

    I really want to meet Donny Osmond one day. He is just as good-looking today as he was then in the 70s. Loved his version of Santa Claus is coming to town. Love you Donny <3

  3. disan149 says:

    lol 1 marriage 2 kids and 1 awesome grandson xoxo

  4. b0b111 says:

    i hate when people say they used to have sex, together. they are wonderful people and this was something i looked forward to all year.

  5. thepdw says:

    When is the Donny Osmond sex tape coming out? Anyone?

  6. RhysNiamh says:

    He has a wife and 5 kids. I hope that means he’s straight. You can find his opinions about gay people and homophobia online just about anywhere.

  7. pig199fly200 says:

    Donny is straight?!

  8. uhnter1 says:

    i would have to be drunk to watch this again

  9. Spartacus217 says:

    I was in the audience for this show. Their special musical guest that night was Cannibal Corpse. They sang “Hammer Smashed Face”. It was delightful. I slid right off my seat.

  10. dovepondz says:

    Oh I’ve been looking for this video.!! Thanks so much for posting.

  11. joebyu says:


  12. cherry32959 says:

    whoops. its 1978, he was already married for 7 months.

  13. cherry32959 says:

    when donny starts to sit on laps in the audience, he passes by debbie his finace. how cute. i was behind her somewhere.

  14. cherry32959 says:

    I was in the audience for some of the taping of this. what a blast from the past.

  15. drivecarefully85 says:

    ty and Happy Holidays to you

  16. MrsMJFox says:

    can’t believe donny is 21 here…to me he’s still this cute little boy! =D

  17. bunnyluv41 says:

    I’d love to have Donny sit on my lap, too!! hahahah .. he’s soo cute!!

  18. bunnyluv41 says:

    Thank you, Diego, for sharing this with us. I bought the video from Donny’s website last year and loved it! What you did at the very end of this, showing photos of Mother and Father Osmond was so sweet. Thanks again!

  19. phillygrl69 says:

    Donny was sooo cute! Still is!!

  20. SS421982 says:

    I can’t believe this was 30 years ago…where did time go for crying out loud??

  21. hoffmiester1029 says:

    Jimmy looks like the Kool-Aid man XD

  22. Karenluvsdonny says:

    i love there shows so much
    this is sooo cute xxxxx

  23. sarbelio11 says:

    Diego this is a amazing special. I remember the Donny and Marie Osmond show, like it was yesterday. Thanks for to put here the memories of these days. You are the best!!.

  24. halfpint2412 says:

    I love these Christmas specials.

  25. JRSueEllen says:

    Those sweaters are soo awesome..i would ruin it in the dryer lol.

    i really don’t like Jimmy :(

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