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Donny and Marie- Morning side of the mountain

Donny and Marie Slideshow… With the song…Morning Side of the Mountain…

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25 Responses to “Donny and Marie- Morning side of the mountain”

  1. MrTroyb1 says:

    This is a great song ….you can actually hear Donny young voice in Marie at this stage in her life.
    My Favorite is When the Deep Purple Falls

  2. breslindorothy says:

    This of many of my favorites. vilmad007 I wanted 2 look like Marie, did what I could 2 get my hair & make up 2 look like hers-never cud. Wantd 2 marry Donny–closest I got 2 him wz going 2 the Osmond concert & winning a contest 4 a free phone call frm him, but missed: wasn’t home at the time. So many songs of theirs I love till this day. From childhood years till many years later still get laughed at for my love for them but hey who could care less–they’re the best & always will.

  3. sshemilla says:

    family guy clip( donny and marie in bed> donny says ” mom should never know about this” > lol

  4. DonnaUtubefan says:

    wow I love this song so many year ago.
    had the biggest crush Donny.
    but also loved Marie singing voice.
    She sure has been threw a lot in her life.

  5. Soundexpert100 says:

    I loved Marie and wanted to marry her that I was willing to give up Folger’s at the request of the Osmond clan. I’d walk hand and hand with her to the very top of The Morningside Of The Mountain and propose to her while she sang this song and then she’d push me off. “Please Where’s Toto?”, Are we in Kansas?

  6. 57highland says:

    These are FLAWLESS vocal performances, folks.

  7. auddy1995 says:

    I would like to see this song with lyric

  8. 57highland says:

    Donny and Marie were not good vocalists … they were GREAT vocalists.

  9. polynesiangrl says:

    i love the song and the pictures!

  10. rickames says:

    I always had a crush on this womans smile. In the 70′s watching the Jackson’s, we sometimes look at the osmonds, when they came on tv. This white woman has one of the prettiest smiles i ever seen. I thought Farrah had a nice smile, but she was very tooth-e. To this day at Marie’s age, I look at her smile. Why didn’t she do a tooth paste commercial? I’m sure it would’ve sold.

  11. maddietesta says:

    @vilmad007 Me too!!! I so wanted to marry Donny and dress like Marie! I thought I was the only mad one back then!

  12. Mrjimpinch says:

    it is a great song.

  13. quiko105 says:

    que recuerdos me trae esta cancion .espero seguirla escuchando por mucho tiempo

  14. 68enxy says:

    They’ve got it backwards. She was on the morning, being younger, he on the twilight, being older. Listen to Tommy Edwards version, the original.

  15. Mollywebb says:

    Takes me back to my childhood

  16. auscorpio7 says:

    Esta es mi cancion favorita de Donnie y Marie, me regresa a mi edad de 15 anyos en 1975……yo queria ser Donnie y cantar con Marie….jajajajajaj….que tiempos los 70′s

  17. sherbare64 says:

    nobody could this, donny and marie can!!!!!!!!!

  18. lovetocomesoon says:

    For those separated by a mountain or even a pond. x

  19. 33eloy3 says:

    hermosa cancion, la busque mucho tiempo y hoy la encuentro

  20. nutballgazette says:

    One of my favorite songs by them, And I wanted (Still do) to marry Marie

  21. osmondgal says:

    @vilmad007 Yea! I LOVE THEM 2… I’m only 15 but i like them.. xD (i’m mormon btw) My friends would make fun of me but i’m like.. pffftt.. so what.. haha

  22. wolfsong66 says:

    @vilmad007 i apolojize,i read and quickly and thought you said they lost there good looks and charm.sorry.

  23. vilmad007 says:

    I did not say they had lost their good looks and charm. Please read my message again.

  24. wolfsong66 says:

    @vilmad007 they did not lose their looks donnie looks great for his age and marie just lost weight and looks amazing.

  25. italymad says:

    Oh I remember hating Marie because I wanted to be Donny’s sister – mind you I was 11 at the time. Great song and great memories!

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