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Donny and Marie meet and greet – Flamingo Las Vegas

Donny and Marie meet and greet at the Flamingo Las Vegas

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25 Responses to “Donny and Marie meet and greet – Flamingo Las Vegas”

  1. Auriclight says:

    I’ve met them in LA at the studio, both are great and very nice people, very likable, all my Best to both

  2. TheEmilybow says:

    Funny………..really funny. Donny and Marie are on great form, I love the Osmonds soooo much and to see videos like this is awesome, thanks for posting.

  3. MyCelticHeaven says:

    That was rude of Marie to bark when Donny was singing with this woman. It lacks class.

  4. Stef01NZ says:

    She does squawk when she laughs though. :D

  5. IloveCharlixoxo says:

    Wow I would love to do that to see the whloe show of Donny and Marie live in Las Vegas in the Flamingo hotel I would love to meet them too . If anyone has 2 VIP tickets and 2 VIP tickets to meet them please pm me and let me know because I am taking my Nanna to see them and to meet them as a treat. And to see them in concert and to meet them would be a dream come true for me. And for my Nanna too because I love her to bits and I want to forefill my dream. Love you forever Donny and Marie xxxxxxx

  6. zoerichie says:

    I have seen the whole show in las vegas and what most important to me is seing your show cause it bring back my great years of the fast and it keeping me back to love my family which it wake me up to the reality of happiness. your the only show i like to see it again more than all the show in Vegas!

  7. akatimo says:

    Celeste is my mom! haha I’m so happy she got her dream :)

  8. MyFreedomChannel says:

    I remember when they did two shows at the New York State Fair in my home town of Syracuse, NY … Marie paid a visit at the hospital (children’s unit) where I worked and I had the wonderful oppportunity to meet her. She was so sweet and genuine. :-) What great memories for everyone who get to meet any member of the Osmond family.

  9. leedsutdledgend says:

    im in this just after the camera turns around an goes on the man that is controlling it and he says ‘ thank you ever so’ > its me in the white top !!

  10. yooChoobCritic101 says:

    she has always been beautiful and she s never looked this good. can you believe she’ll be 50 this year !

  11. aabsshow says:

    Thats my music teacher in the purple not liying!

  12. hotthottsugarkane says:

    My mom got to meet them last Saturday. Said Marie was so beautiful and very nice and talkative and down to earth. I’m jealous I love Marie. Lol.

  13. StreetwiseShiloh says:

    She said the very same thing to my Grandson, the part about him liking OLDER WOMEN” Let’s face it, all the younger guys love Marie.!

  14. YearOfTheRam67 says:

    Lucky me (that’s me in the video) got my dolls signed by Donny and Marie! Thanks again for a wonderful evening!

  15. toobusywriting says:

    This video is put up by “CharismaBrands” which is Marie’s doll company. So, her assistant or friend must have taken it.

  16. 49AngelS says:

    It’s Dale! Marie asking if he likes older women. Aww. Ali – could see your feet and you asked Donny if he liked his birthday cake!

  17. bluebutsmarterthanu says:

    my music teacher 2!!!! mrs. labonte!! tell me who u r at skool gojigirl81

  18. disneydancer8392 says:

    how did u get a camra in there??? they wouldnt let me take any picks never mind video

  19. disneydancer8392 says:

    that was my 16th birthday gift too! they were so so so nice i went to the show and did the meet and great on valintines day although i turned 16 in august go figure!

  20. gojigirl81 says:

    the one in the purple iz mi music teacher IM NOT LIEING!!!!!!!!

  21. 0WickdChaos0 says:

    this is funny but the effects kill it =(

  22. drpepperlover123 says:

    lol this is the best :D

  23. pazcp85 says:

    this is so funny LoL

  24. pazcp85 says:

    they are so funny and real nice people
    I love them so much god bless them

  25. dess457 says:

    awh! i love themm! :) )

    i went to their show in october and got the meet and greet for my 16th birthday!
    it was amazing.
    they were so nice to me :)

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