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Donny and Marie #4

Weekly song sketch “She’s a little bit country…” If you like this video, let me know and I will make more! Be sure to rate it and leave a comment! For more great clips visit my website – Due to the overwhelming popularity of my site, I’m now at http
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25 Responses to “Donny and Marie #4”

  1. Laurelindo says:

    Is it just me or did young people seem much happier and spunkier in the 60s?
    Nowadays it seems like about 80% of all people in the age 15-25 just look annoyed and hate life or something.

  2. lordcinturon says:

    i like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bhb14bonanza says:

    heck, i’m a teenager and i watch old clips like these all the time! wow. i love donny and marie so much. i like all the old tv shows but this is my favorite one!!!!! i wish i could see them perform!!!

  4. beatlesforever6 says:

    yayyy Beatles song. The Beatles & Osmonds.. my 2 favourite things :D

  5. TheOpalrain says:

    @osmondlover129 OMG you are so lucky!! I want to meet them so bad I’m 16 and been a fan for a long time, nice to know i’m not alone being a “young” fan lol

  6. osmondlover129 says:

    @Inuyashafan5677 i’m 14… i agree :D I love the Osmonds…my friend loves the jackson 5. you can see where this is going lol. I absolutely loveeee Donny and Marie and my room is filled with osmond things! i’m meeting them this summer!!

  7. alrozz says:

    I ate six dolly madison Apple pies watching Marie back then. That was long ago we old now!

  8. Inuyashafan5677 says:

    Wow watching these vids of Donny and Marie are awesome. I’m 16 so I had to miss out the 70s sadly. But, The Osmonds are one of my favorite bands and may I say the best boy band of the 70s! Jackson 5 has nothing on the Osmonds, still a good band but, not as great as The Osmonds. I especially love watching clips from Donny & Marie, there absolutly hilarious!!! I can see why my mom obsessed over Donny Osmond when she was my age back then, he was a cutey!!! <333

  9. smifish says:

    god don’t i feel old now but love it

  10. bigcyhutch says:

    OMG I grew up watching these shows. So fun(ny) to re-watch now. They are SO cheesy. “I’m a little bit country…” then she sings The Beatles. Ha!!!! Donny was at least a bit edgier yet still cheesy. How they got a show is really surprising.

  11. signofeth says:

    @berezin99 I had the hots for Marie back in the day,she looks great now!

  12. berezin99 says:

    I hear Marie could suck the chrome off a ball hitch.

  13. fugnuzzle1970 says:

    I miss the variety shows of the 70′s! Greaat tv!

  14. drshagstein says:


    There’s always been hate in the world. Our great-grandparents generation, for example, the so-called “good old days” when it was allegedly safe to leave your doors open at night, produced Hitler, Stalin, & Mao…all born within 15 years of one another & collectively were responsible for the deaths of more than 150 million people.

    The difference between now & then, & this is were you make a great point, is that there doesn’t seem to be room for simple, innocent fun anymore.

  15. NiagaraFalls4424 says:

    So much doom,gloom,hate,bad,anger, in the world since the mid 1980′s. especially since the 1990′s and september 11th,2001.

  16. NiagaraFalls4424 says:

    Ah the good old days in 1977 when the world seemed so silly,innocent,and simple

  17. nessarose1970 says:

    I grew up watching this stuff, seeing them at the state fair, playing with the Donny & Marie barbies. GREAT VIDEO!!! Brings back lots of good memories.

  18. lwise1963 says:

    You were never an Osmond fan! If you dont like them, then dont watch them or make a remark!

  19. maleficentdiva says:

    Personally I can’t stand the Osmonds they are so fake and you can feel it, I don’t know why everyone thought they were so good, I think they stink! The best family group of the 70′s is The Carpenters, Karen and Richard were 100% better than The Osmonds, and first of all Donny is not that hot! I AM SORRY THEY ARE JUST FAKE AS A THREE DOLLAR BILL!, THE CARPENTERS ARE THE REAL DEAL! CARPENTERS FOREVER

  20. AWFChris2007 says:

    Funny how these comments always end up being more about the people writing them than about the video. Awsome video up;oader. Reminds ME of when I was a child growing up.

  21. doyoubelieveinmagic3 says:

    Oh whatev!

  22. doyoubelieveinmagic3 says:


  23. valerie3571 says:

    What is your deal?

  24. sheepxgoxbah says:


  25. PrincessShittyBottom says:

    Marie looks fat here like a hefty mother hen laden and beleaguered with eggs. She is a Fatty.

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