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Donnie and Marie Star Wars Part 1 of 2

Title says it all!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Donnie and Marie Star Wars Part 1 of 2”

  1. LunarToastTv says:

    wow im 12 and i sorta like this lolz

  2. Concreteowl says:

    So that’s where Cliff Richard got his post Rock dance moves.

  3. sasquatchprime says:

    Donny and Marie figured out Luke and Leia were brother and sister before any of the rest of us did! LOL!

  4. rebelstang says:

    Loved This Show!
    & Still Have a Crush on Marie!

  5. SardaukarPrime says:

    Wow,I was like 6 years old when this aired. I feel OLD… :(

  6. whiplash567 says:

    donny looks pretty hot ther. not that he always doesnt look hot

  7. LaDracul says:

    This is at least better than “Blade”…

  8. brcbrtn says:

    Marie makes a hot Princess Leia! After finishing this, I bet Kris Kristofferson and Redd Foxx got good and smashed.
    Wow, even the great Paul Lynde couldn’t save this klunker!

  9. nebula88 says:

    That’s really cool! but unfortunately, the sound being off sync really spoils it.

  10. mazandtaz says:

    witchones are the osmond bros

  11. karynchaotic says:

    i wish the sound ans video were better synced :/

  12. MoshMasterD says:

    I wonder if Darth Vader would pitch Frosted Flakes or maybe sing a bar or 2 of “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch”

  13. mattymolina says:

    Who knew they got the story of borther and sister right from the start

  14. redshirt71 says:

    Thurl Ravenscroft as Darth Vader and the Narrator…wow…cute as only squeaky-clean Donny and Marie can make it. Saw this as a kid, before VCRs were commonly available and YouTube. Thank you again for sharing.

  15. rageohol says:

    i rememebr watching this as a kid..and yeah..its SO GOD DAMN awful..worse even than the Star Wars Holiday Special..

    i remember the dancing stormtroopers..its amazing how awful the 70s were..and how much people loved Star Wars..

  16. mrmgp1965 says:

    I was already getting tired of all the TV shows of the 1977-78 season name dropping Star Wars, and my appreciation for the film started to wane. But this God awful piece of shit literally put me off Star Wars for two whole fucking years. And in 1977, it was pretty fucking hard to put a kid off Star Wars.

  17. upliftedsoul says:

    This is awesome. I love Donny & Marie.

  18. EcoTard says:

    AWSOME crazy cute

  19. doctari1 says:

    but redd foxx though.

  20. emprise says:

    just wrong

  21. Wheeljack35 says:

    Yes everybody welcome to the cheesy crap known as variety shows we went through in the 70′s

  22. CultofJ says:

    this is actually worse than attack of the clones!

  23. Chrisdrumz says:

    I remember as a kid being pissed that it wasnt the REAL Han Solo,just some guy who I didnt know. Seeing it again is quite a shock cause I see it was actually Kris Kristofferson.

  24. StarLine8 says:

    This is something which you have been missing,
    before the time that you are born.

    The Donny & Marie Shows were a hit during the late 70′s.

    I do admit that the audio is out of sync with the video.

  25. smity19 says:

    what the fuck is this shit?

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