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Don Rickles Visits Johnny Carson – 1974 – pt. 1 of 2!!

From May 21, 1974, here is Don Rickles on the Johnny Carson “Tonight” Show, at his best/worst!! This is part 1 of 2. BTW, the NBC band was on strike at this time!!
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25 Responses to “Don Rickles Visits Johnny Carson – 1974 – pt. 1 of 2!!”

  1. szqsk8 says:

    The whining PC a-holes weren’t around yet when this show was done. Everyone just laughed at what Don Rickles said cuz they knew it was satire. No whining it bitching by any so-called “groups”. The good days, never to be seen again. :-(

  2. voiceofelijah2012 says:

    @videoholic50sto70s and why they died of cancer late in life.

  3. MichaelinDenmark says:


  4. oldgregg222 says:

    Oh goodness, I am a teenager, and I am nostalgic for what television used to be. And that’s just from reruns and specials. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the people that watched this show originally.

  5. artistsandbox says:

    man he sounds like lenny bruce here, similar speech pattern

  6. BluesMike23 says:

    Boom mic is driving me nuts

  7. bedlum47o7 says:

    @pkirles Id NEVER say never again… Someone will come along and take their place..but one can say the originals are normally the best. id have to say the one person who is close to don is gilbert godfrey….DAM CLOSE. they know how to push a gag.

  8. jurgenmanfred says:

    andy kaufman u stole don rickles

  9. scratchallday says:



  10. MichaelinDenmark says:

    Thank you for your comment. I guess the fact that I donĀ“t find him funny, tells more about my lack of humor than his ability to amuse people.
    I do – however – LOVE Johnny Carson who cracks me up all the time.

  11. MrJim12341121 says:

    @MichaelinDenmark Don Rickles gets funnier with age. He is a little bit off in this appearance. If you get him on the right mood, nobodier is funnier than don rickles.

    He makes me laugh outloud. Not to many people can do that. He is still very funny and he is 85. I am sure he will be funny into his 90′s .

  12. MichaelinDenmark says:

    With all due respect, I have never laughed at Don Rickles. I simply do NOT find him funny …. AM I the only one to think that he is absolutely NOT funny?

  13. kingslice75 says:

    omg look at that set! shag carpeting and what looks like rhodedendron in the windows. i can’t believe that’s the same studio that leno modernized with the video screens and paneling replacing the curtains

  14. PupuTheClown says:

    George Bush ?

  15. bozgomez says:


  16. leroyinc says:

    When did Carson stop smoking on the air?

  17. kevykev38 says:

    What a huge difference in respect in the way people dressed for a late night talk show. I mean really. I watched a talk show recently with some Rapper Little Weiner or whatever his name is. He had no tie and wore a dorag and had his pants down showing his boxers. That is lack of respect ..

  18. craigenputtock says:

    The best of the best of the best.

  19. KimmyTrammell says:

    Rickles is 47 in this video! Wow, people definitely look younger these days….I love him though!!

  20. ScottfromTexas says:

    That opening segue poster thing with the blimps is kinda trippy. So low-tech. Can you imagine something like that today??? LOL! I guess the modern equivalent would be some stupid animated graphic. And the animated graphic would continue on in the show itself. They even appear in “news” shows like Fox – LOL!

  21. Tosh220 says:

    I was gonna comment exactly on the same thing !!! It gives the TV show such a casual look (though everybody is overdressed) and suggests freedom of rights.. what happened to America? It sacrificed its freedom for security..

  22. daddyoj says:


  23. szqsk8 says:

    Holy cow- shag carpet and a really ugly desk too. The mid 70s weren’t a good time! LOL!
    And what’s up with Johnny’s hair?

  24. batke75 says:

    love the carpet

  25. TheHockeyCentral says:

    How cool is it just seeing Johnny light up during the taping! LOL.

    Now you can’t even show anybody smoking close to a camera or else people’s heads will spin.

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