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Don Knotts – Funniest Moments as Barney Fife

A collection of the funniest moments of Don Knotts in his renowned role as Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show. This is my tribute to the man who brought so significantly joy to so a lot of. Thisvideo brought to you by hwy61media. Please take a moment to rate this video and add your comments. You can see all of my videos at: Please take a look and subscribe to my channel. If you would like to comment on my channel as nicely, please do so. Your feedback is essential to me. Thanks for watching.

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25 Responses to “Don Knotts – Funniest Moments as Barney Fife”

  1. heliclops says:

    Olá, amiga! muito lindo seu video parabens, fantastico.
    Forte abraço daqui do BRASIL e fique com Deus.

  2. rekrapskate says:

    anyone know the episode name where barney gets his car and its all messed up? i used to love that episode

  3. 02passionfruit says:

    Thanks for video Rita:)
    Andy Griffith show never gets old:)
    Just plain clean family show:)
    Don Knotts he is so funny:)

  4. KB24toogood says:


  5. MichRockHop81108 says:

    I’m watching a movie on t.v right now starring Don Knotts called “the reluctant astronaut” Based on that NAME along I knew this movie would be filled with the greatest sucker nervous lemon goofy actor of all time. And in fact, I don’t think there will ever be an actor as good at playing a character as Don Knotts was at just being himself. An absolute legend and my favorite. Everything he says is funny. Everything.

  6. lizardfirefighter110 says:

    This was great! Thanks for putting it together. Classic/ the gold stadard.

  7. JorshWarshington says:

    Thanks for the video. Some good memories of television that didn’t require me to be fucked up beyond repair.

  8. KB24toogood says:

    @hwy61media lol,” you smell gas of course you smell gas, what do you think this car runs on of, coal?” LOLOLOL. thanks for posting this.

  9. hwy61media says:

    @TheWorshiperofgod1 You’re welcome my friend :) -Michael

  10. TheWorshiperofgod1 says:

    Wow someone after my own heart you have all my favorites thanks a million!!!!!!

  11. AfsAnehAfairytale says:

    Awesome video you put together for Don Knotts, Michael. A great tribute!!
    Enjoyed very much, thank you? Love watching it over and over. He is so funny!

  12. hwy61media says:

    @Susq15 I’m really happy to receive this comment. These shows must be preserved. -Michael

  13. Susq15 says:

    My kids have fallen in love with the Andy Griffith show. Classic humor, and not lost on this generation.

  14. Strymn says:

    @leonardnimoylover1 yeah thinking about it now i guess that’s not even remotely possible…just kinda reminded me alot of him :-P thanks for clearing that up for me

  15. leonardnimoylover1 says:

    @Strymn tht is not data!!! -_-

  16. hwy61media says:

    @morticity1 What a great idea! That’s just the right age for this episode. Thanks for watching and commenting. -Michael

  17. morticity1 says:

    “The Loaded Goat” was maybe the best episode ever. I used to show it to sixth-graders in the year 2005 and they got it. Wonderfulness.

  18. Strymn says:

    hey was the guy who was in the back of the car the actor for Data from Star Trek?

  19. southernvampirebee says:

    @alicia3n8 i ain’t got no money

  20. TheMp44drophyd says:

    you left the best part of the loaded goat out!

  21. TheSouthernSunshine1 says:

    I’m thirteen and this is one of my favorite shows. LOVE IT! Don Knotts is pure walking talent. So is Andy…all the characters are great! We need more shows like this! Today’s TV shows are trash. LONG LIVE THIS SHOW!

  22. mjwells100 says:

    Don Knotts was a genius at comedy. He will be dearly missed. R.I.P., Barney.

  23. JoshuaH688 says:

    That was a great man.

  24. n8tureboy says:

    Barney plays a mean Harmonica!

  25. hersofclass says:

    they just don’t make shows like this anymore…..most of the stuff on TV nowadays is junk.

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