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Does anybody want any toast? – Red Dwarf – BBC comedy

Kryten tries to be beneficial by fixing the toaster only to discover that it is the most annoying machine in the universe. Lister can’t take it in this classic early episode clip of Red Dwarf!
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Does anybody want any toast? – Red Dwarf – BBC comedy”

  1. onehipdad says:

    I love RD! I discovered Lister & Co. on my last trip to England. All episodes are available on streaming Netflix. Season 1′s ok, but things really take off in Season 2 when Kryten joins the crew and they start doing more remote shots.


    ok thats the reason my father wants me imprisoned…… i get insulted every day? but my cousin will pay the price for it.

  3. packerthe3rd says:

    if you keep pressing 2 then itslike being told of by lister

  4. weponshooter689 says:

    @Jiminibobster Sorry, it’s true. It’s mentioned in Back To Earth.

  5. Jiminibobster says:

    @biancaj2311 That can’t be true… D:

  6. biancaj2311 says:

    @Jiminibobster Hate to tell you this, but Dave was actually named after the main character in this show, Dave Lister.

  7. DDay12G says:

    ‘Crapola Corp.’ x3

  8. BlackWolfessUSCM says:

    The upcoming Fallout: New Vegas DLC is going to have a clone of Talkie Toaster apparently xD

  9. 1yellowapple says:

    <3 this soo much

  10. Jiminibobster says:

    I wish they’d take this shit off dave:/

  11. IAmStoylez says:

    Amazingly Awsome

  12. TheVoltaron says:

    howdly doodly doo

  13. innerdreamuk says:

    so what is it? Its a white hole! repeat x4! classic stuff

  14. klsjafksjdfklsdfjkls says:

    You know what they say.. all toasters toast toast.

  15. nmr12z says:

    First Degree Toastercide

  16. Scr3t says:

    @ImageDissectors That doesnt make any difference tbh. BBC and all its other channels come with sky.

  17. Newoaf says:

    Honestly, I kinda liked Hyperdrive better. Sue me.

  18. ImageDissectors says:

    Advertising Sky before a BBC clip? Well done BBC Worldwide.

  19. skot424 says:

    best skit EVER!

  20. LOLjkSTFUffs says:

    Red Dwarf is the least funny thing ever.

  21. MrBuch169169 says:

    We don’t like muffins round ‘ere!!

  22. MrBlahblah62 says:

    …”Why that was no accident, that was 1st degree toastercide. ” “Just SHUT yer grill”, (BANG!) “Ow”.

  23. geekyvessey says:

    ahhh the junk you can get for £19.99 ^_^

  24. KrytenMark says:

    @ejcmoorhouse Haha! -sigh- I love that part! XD

  25. ejcmoorhouse says:

    @KrytenMark aah so you’re a waffle man!!?!

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