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Dody Goodman in Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

Martha Shumway (Dody Goodman) and her daughter Mary Hartman (Louise Lasser) talk about Cathy Shumway’s upcoming wedding

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20 Responses to “Dody Goodman in Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”

  1. cheeriosinabowl says:

    Loved Dodie’s accent — to our Canadian ears, it was chocolate. Sweet and feminine.

  2. tennyc says:

    loved Dody , my generation remembers her from “Grease” as Blanche, Rydell HS Secretary

  3. LovelyPennyLane says:

    RIP Sweet Dody Goodman :) x

  4. bruho5 says:

    What Mary is awesome & very well read.
    I feel like I am triping watching her.

  5. paulyvi says:

    sheesh now i know why Mary is such a loon….just hearin Mary Mom voice kwax me up……..hA!

  6. Bestmanme08 says:

    Martin Mull (Garth Gimble) in great new bio (Charlton Heston: An Incredible Life: Revised Edition) at amazon!

  7. ranus69 says:

    I loved this show when it was originally aired. It’s funny not to hear a live audience or audience track. This was one of the funniest episodes. I wish TV would go back to late tv programming like this.

  8. Ahuebner2004 says:

    She did the voice of Miss Miller on Alvin and the Chipmunks.

  9. SuperTurbo13 says:

    RIP Dody Goodman

  10. cr6880 says:

    I rented from Netflix the first 25 episodes about a year ago. Good to see it again, but it only just whetted my appetite for more!

  11. OriginalMoonbeam says:

    I loved this show SO much–I couldn’t believe it when it was cancelled because it was the most creative show of the day–

  12. TempeB says:

    Haha! Have you searched YouTube for some of the MHMH scenes that have been posted; they include some of the early scenes between Dennis and Mary. I plan to, one day, transfer some more of the intense Mary/Dennis scenes from DVD to video, and then to post them here on YouTube.

  13. cr6880 says:

    My “other half” was nearby when I watched this clip once and asked why Mary didn’t want Kathy to get married. I wheeled around and screamed, “Because Dennnis is the cop that Mary loved!”

    Sad for me to realize that 35 years later, I’m still a fanatic of MH2!

  14. cbsteffen says:

    I feel bummed that I never got to contact or find Dody Goodman.

  15. kayshkorn says:

    Dodie Goodman reminds me a lot of Miriam Hopkins in her later films. Also, you might noice that there is a tri-semblance with Diane Ladd when she doesn’t hide her southern accent.

  16. ShawnQuinlan says:

    thanks for the clip!

  17. BestManMe09 says:

    Martin Mull (Garth Gimble) is naturally lobotomized is in reallife and he said in Newsweek in 1978 that he never yelled in reallife! Count yourself as normal if you do yell occasion!

  18. Miahjames488 says:

    Dody Goodman died…on June 22nd 2008 not only was she a great actor in this series…
    She was also the voice of Miss Miller in Alvin & The Chipmunks….Good-Bye Dody…We Won’t Forget You

  19. bhickman3 says:

    Thanks. Great clip.

  20. AzRoadRunner78 says:

    Tempe, thanks for posting this clip. It really sucks that Dody died. She was such an amazing actress and her role of Martha Shumway was the best character she ever played (tho her part in Private Resort was hella funny too). Thanks again for posting. It’s a wonderful tribute to a true legend. :)

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