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Doctor Who: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Daleks (The Peter Jones-y Edit)

As a few individuals have been asking, here’s a version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Daleks, with a much more-Peter Jones-y vocal. Tons of people offered their voices following seeing the original (here: ) and so I thought I’d give it a pop. Thanks to Mole – PA Smith, for his stunningly benevolent Peter Jonesiness. I hope you like it. Andrew EDIT: Thanks to every person for their lovely comments – I can’t reply to them all, but I do read them. You may possibly like some of my other videos too. – Andrew

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25 Responses to “Doctor Who: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Daleks (The Peter Jones-y Edit)”

  1. woowoo678 says:

    They warned Davros about stairs.
    They told him

  2. woowoo678 says:

    Hitchhikers guide to the Dalekcy

  3. Exoquatic says:

    But this video is a dead giveaway! This proves that you DO exist, and-

    Damn. Forgot the words XD DINGO KIDNEYS

  4. glyndiesel27 says:

    I love is! a tribute to two fantastic shows!

  5. Sinewmire says:

    I feel Douglas Adams would have approved. I certainly do!

  6. ThePeopleEat says:

    It’s ironic. Davros football career was cut short by an accident. Well so was Matt Smiths.

  7. AidanMcNamee says:

    @bmw328driver Oh yeah

  8. Mszillybear says:

    Ok that was pretty funneh

  9. bmw328driver says:

    @AidanMcNamee It doesn’t; you can see “Kaled mutant” pointed out it the cross-section diagram.

  10. bmw328driver says:

    Well done! As someone who watched both shows as soon as they were available in the States in the late ’70′s / early ’80′s, I really appreciated how well you did capturing the style of Hitchhiker, well applied to this subject.

  11. AidanMcNamee says:

    Why does it show daleks as being robots?

  12. burlearth says:

    @spacefan1962 I don’t agree with your personal taste pedantry.

  13. remanuelmr says:

    Lol they killed the jagaroth!

  14. spacefan1962 says:

    @seph1r0th400 “Speach” (noun) (Ante-ediblus-oddity) A strange and mysterious bird of the owl genus which feeds on small rodents. Incredibly rare, there have been only sporadic sightings since the first recorded mention of a speach in Chorcer’s Canterbrie Tails. The speach is believed to be the only bird in existance which can travel back in time to attack its prey, frequently arriving for lunch before the said prey had even woken up, or (in some extreme cases) even before the prey had been born.

  15. seph1r0th400 says:

    The text wasn’t in time with the speach in the original H2G2 TV series

  16. kattierowe says:

    amazing. I’m a fan of both HHGTtG and Who and this just made my day :D

  17. existentialvoid says:

    brilliant stuff!!

  18. Tarotiste says:

    Really, really excellent. I can’t wait to show this to my daughter this evening. We’ve been watching Doctor Who (current series, the older version is too camp for her). I’d love to get her to watch my old Hitchhiker’s Guide tapes with me. The BBC series was so much better than the movie.

  19. Beeblebrox2nd says:

    Anybody asked Stephen Fry to do the voice over? Would tie-in with the movie…

  20. spacefan1962 says:

    @Morhek Bless you for “getting” it! On the subject of John Cleese: Don’t mention the timing. I did it once, but I think I got away with it. Remember, whatever you do: don’t mention timing. What’s wrong? Why are you crying? I didn’t say anything about timing. Well, I didn’t start it. “Pretentious? Moi?” “Oh, I KNOW!” “I was trying to find the light switch.” “Don’t worry, he’s from Barcelona.” Now, where was I? Oh yes, back with the Doctor and “Hm, new teeth. That’s odd. Oh yes… Barcelona”.

  21. Spiritplumber says:

    Bloody brilliant!

  22. Barthedanz says:

    Brilliant loved it.

  23. gooders1002 says:

    @solidbronze Peter Jones many be dead, R.I.P but I do like his Film counterpart Stephen Fry and he talks in a simuler way

  24. Morhek says:

    @spacefan1962 I bet he didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition.

  25. spacefan1962 says:

    @name887 Really? Oh, I never noticed. (No, hang-on…) I didn’t even know there was a series done on the BBC before the movie. (No, what about:) What is the BBC? (No, they’ll never buy that one… what about:) What is time? Merely a convenient concept on which to hang a series of connected sequencial events. (Ah, now we’re gettiong somewhere.) What is time? What is purpose? Who am I? I think, therefore I am sarcastic. Sarcastic or sardonic? (Irrational, could lead to an impolite reply. Oh well.)

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