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Doctor Who Daleks vs Cybermen

Thank you to everyone who has watched this video it now has over 250000 views!!! WOW Doctor Who Daleks vs Cybermen
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Doctor Who Daleks vs Cybermen”

  1. MasterSteef says:

    2:56-3:26 is the best round of shit-talking between two groups in the history of EVER.

    “You are better at Dying” Ahh, it makes my day. :)

  2. MasterSteef says:

    2:54-3:26 is the best round of shit-talking between two groups in the history of EVER.

    “You are better at Dying” Ahh, it makes my day. :)

  3. Fbueller129 says:

    I’ve always wondered what a Daleks vs. Borg throwdown would be like. That would definitely be a battle to see who was superior in the sci-fi universe.

  4. stop2think says:

    Brilliant sic fi

  5. ZombiePatin says:

    Frakin’ epic

  6. kingkadir1st says:

    @BackwurdzMan They speak in such a formal way, I’ve laerned alot of words from them, Like subjugated XD and inferior and such. :P

  7. kingkadir1st says:

    @rjinblack1970 who’d be steven hawking and who’d be the clock? Steven probably the cyberman, but theirs only 1 steven so probs the dalek :S

  8. almightdude27 says:

    lolz Trash Talking FTW

  9. rjinblack1970 says:

    “It’s like Steven Hawking meets The Speaking Clock” HAHAHAH!

  10. mewblox says:


  11. screwthenet says:

    lol a battle of epicleasian proportions.

  12. chiefnut48 says:

    This is classic. I always wondered what would happen should they meet.

  13. xedalpha1 says:

    I loved how Dalek They had that ‘Bitch PLEASE’ attitude it shrugged off the blasts and calmly slaughtered the cybermen, it’s final report on the issue of 5,000,000 against their 4 daleks?

    Cyber threat irrelivent

  14. xtatictimes4ever says:

    Cyberman: WHAT IS THAT?

  15. Fatmanmi says:

    The cybermen are still cooler in my book. I can stand their talking and actions much better than the voice of the Daleks.

  16. mrj0nny5 says:

    @AimiriZ elevate!!!!!!

  17. mrj0nny5 says:

    @Dracoa79 you are wrong wone dalek could take out 5 million cybermen

  18. EnigmaDrath says:

    “It’s like Stephen Hawkings meets the Speaking Clock.”


  19. bonbonnoel says:

    Five million Cyberman easy, one doctor now ur scared

  20. TheCastellan says:

    Classic Cybermen would probably do better.

  21. TheCastellan says:

    They can hover and fly now.

  22. TheCastellan says:

    0:27-0:29…first it’s Caan ( has the tick mark in the middle) and then close up to Thay (has tick mark in the bottom) BIG TIME boo-boo. XD

  23. TheCastellan says:

    Plus the new series Cybermen are NOT REAL Cybermen, the Mondas ones were, and I call these ones ‘Cybusmen’.

  24. pateroon says:

    Is it just me or does Dalek Thay sound like Mr. Bean when he first speaks?

  25. mysticalwind72 says:

    This really was epic

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