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Doctor Who – Dalek Rotating LED Mobile Phone Charm

Doctor Who – Dalek Rotating LED Mobile Phone Charm

  • Every time your mobile gets a call watch the Dalek flash ‘n spin round !
  • Figure about 1.75 inch tall
  • Phone charm is compatiable with GSM Networks and may not work with all 3G Networks

Doctor Who Dalek Mobile Phone Charm (Brown)

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List Price: $ 11.99

Price: $ 7.99

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5 Responses to “Doctor Who – Dalek Rotating LED Mobile Phone Charm”

  1. Mette Hedin says:

    Review by Mette Hedin for Doctor Who – Dalek Rotating LED Mobile Phone Charm
    It looks great, and when fellow fans spot it, it normally gets a great reaction. The Dalek spins and blinks brightly in blue when the phone is receiving or making phone calls, without actually being connected to the phone (it triggers even before the phone registers the phone call). It reacts to most but not all phones. It will at times go off without phone calls happenng due to other radio traffic.

  2. Evil Dr. Reef says:

    Review by Evil Dr. Reef for Doctor Who – Dalek Rotating LED Mobile Phone Charm
    I’ve never used a cell phone charm before, mostly because I couldn’t find one that would really suit me. However, when I heard that they had come out with a Doctor Who phone charm, and that it was a Dalek of all things, I knew it was time for me to act.

    The charm itself was surprisingly big. It’s about 1.5 inches in height and .75 inches in diameter. If you think that’s going to bother you while you’re on the phone then I wouldn’t recommend it, but I don’t seem to be having any trouble with it and I’m a phone charm novice. This charm is made of hard plastic, and it’s very easy to install (i.e., you don’t have to do anything to get it to work). Additionally, it has a very bright light, so be sure to hide it well if you’re in a no-cellphone area.

    Overall, I am pleased with this purchase. For the price you can’t go wrong, and it shows off your Doctor Who fandom in style.

  3. GenealogyFan says:

    Review by GenealogyFan for Doctor Who – Dalek Rotating LED Mobile Phone Charm
    My sister is a huge Dr. Who fan so she was ecstatic to receive this from me for Christmas. My (and her) only complaint is that because she is on Verizon’s network, the charm doesn’t work like it’s supposed to (when you receive a call or text message, it’s supposed to spin and light up). If she was on the correct network, it would work. It does randomly spin and light up but we haven’t figured out exactly what is triggering it. Even with it not working correctly on her phone, she is still very happy with it. My only comment on this item is if you want it to work correctly, make sure you have the right network first.

  4. Modrocker says:

    Review by Modrocker for Doctor Who – Dalek Rotating LED Mobile Phone Charm
    Being a diehard fan of the latest Doctor Who series I must say I love this toy. Although, it stopped working only two months after I bought it. I still have it attached to my cell phone though and it still makes me smile when I see it. I have both the Tardis and the Dalek charm and both of them died after only a few months.

  5. Ira Carmel says:

    Review by Ira Carmel for Doctor Who – Dalek Rotating LED Mobile Phone Charm
    These little phone charms are really cute. My Dalek somehow unscrewd himself, and absconded to the back of the car until I found him the next day and secured him in a more solid fashion. If you get many calls or emails on your phone you will quickly run the battery of these little guys down. Still really cool and neat.


    Ira Carmel

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