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Doctor Who?

Weblog post about this video: For those that are clueless, is a quite brief sum up of the Tv Show “Doctor Who” and a run down of my reasons for liking it as significantly as I do. Let me know, what do you believe of Doctor Who?

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25 Responses to “Doctor Who?”

  1. Ismilemywaythrulife says:

    I love doctor who because….i love matt smith! he is the best doctor so far :)

  2. Gothchic452 says:

    That one episode WAS absurd. ((SAID IN SNAPE VOICE.))

  3. Averymeg10 says:

    @wolfdefender01 I agree with you totally except that I really happen to like Matt smith and think he’s doing an awesome job

  4. zodiacsicario says:


  5. Randomvids200never says:

    I’m The Doctor, I’m a TimeLord, I’m from the planet Gallifrey, in the constellation Kasterborous, I’m 9 hundred and 3 years old, and I’m the man whose going to save your life’s and all 6 billion people on the planet below. Also, Don’t Blink.

    Nuff Said.

  6. Paigeeeeeeful says:

    I liked the wasp and the unicorn, the story line was… a bit… wierd but the humour was great so that levels it out for me x

  7. Zombie2Slayer says:

    I luuuve Doctor who my dad whatch it when he was little and my first doctor who Episode was the bold 1

  8. xanax0in0hell says:

    unicorn and wasp wasn’t bad, you should see horns of nimon!

  9. wolfdefender01 says:

    *turns on sonic screwdriver in triumph* :)
    (no seriously I am not kidding)

    well I love Doctor Who because
    (1) great Idea (obviously)
    (2) can literally go on forever
    (3) always something new
    (4) the Doctor (duh!)
    (5) David Tennant !!!!(well Matt Smith now, and he’s o.k, but Tennant will always be my fav)
    (6) I just love it, to put it simply, I mean how can you not? it is amazing!

  10. maxisasha says:

    i love dr who!!! :D

  11. REDTIRANT says:

    doctor what?

  12. ellabella997 says:

    This is a year and 1 day late exactly but I like Doctor Who! One of my favorite shows to watch when I can! I kind of like it because I usually end up behind the couch trying not to look but looking at the same time because it is so AWESOME!

  13. syfyluvr1 says:

    I’m american, and I love doctor who. I totally agree the acting is good, of course the special affects could use some work, but that’s just kind of the weird quirks of the show.

  14. joebrozluva209 says:

    Doctor Who is AWESOME :)

  15. migoimuonnam says:

    BLINK is like the BEST BEST BESTTTT episode lol

  16. SCRUFFBET says:

    @peacegrrl87 True mate!

  17. peacegrrl87 says:

    i love doctor who. i am probably the second biggest fan next to charlie.

    also, i saw a blink poster on his wall. best. episode. ever.

    next to rose of course.

  18. spsiegelutube says:

    Thank you ever so much, Charlie McDonnell, for introducing me to my favorite TV show. Wouldn’t have found it nearly as quickly without you. :)

  19. zetidoburrito says:

    Doctor who is the best television show I’ve ever seen. I think what sets it apart is the brilliant writing, and the ability for each episode to stand alone, but also contribute to an overall greater purpose.
    In fact, I love it.
    Another phenomenal part is the great acting and the amazing and mystifying character of The Doctor.
    I want to meet him.
    I have to agree with the gent in the under-down, “Blink” is one of my favorite episodes. However, the entire last two seasons are also incredible.

  20. RunningWulf101 says:

    I love doctor who because of how different it is from other shows on tv
    It has really good plots, (most of the time :P )
    Where else would you see all of this on tv? the crazy doctor in space just having fun. It can be so much fun and in a split second he could make you cry.
    The weirdness and the fact its so different is why i love it so much lol.

  21. 99RsShows99 says:

    There’s no explanation to why i LOVE Dro Who i just do it’s the best thing on Tv… :D

  22. ezamrunner says:

    I’m an american and I’ve seen part of one episode of Dr. Who and it just seemed extremely strange to me, it was kind of good but there were some parts that just really wierded me out.

  23. rockincaligurl says:

    i took it upon myself to watch some doctor who, to basically see what all the fuss was about…I;m a whoian…is that the correct spelling. Who-ian? Who-ien? … O.O

  24. The1337Mudkip says:

    I actually kinda liked the Unicorn and the Wasp.. and I didn’t think it was THAT bad.

  25. The1337Mudkip says:

    @alextrivsongs How do you know that is the best episode if you’ve never even seen it? xD But, my favorite is “Blink”. It’s about weeping angels, and when you blink they get closer to you… IT’S REALLY GOOD.

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