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Dobie Gillis opening

Animated intro to The A lot of Loves of Dobie Gillis. Consists of countdown leader and “brought to you by Pillsbury” bumper. Re-upload: fixed sync issue.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Dobie Gillis opening”

  1. MrCombat1965 says:

    “Someday I’m gonna kill that boy”

  2. radioclash81 says:

    I discovered this show on cable in the early 80′s–loved it. I named a black cat I had at the time Maynard.

  3. racookster says:

    I found this opening kinda scary as a kid, and I can still see why. Dobie looks like a creep, and I do believe a couple of those girls have cyclopia: one huge eyeball with two irises and pupils. Ewwww… The black limbo background doesn’t help, either. The figures look ghostly. No wonder it creeped me out.

  4. MagicalMysteryTube says:

    @LosAngeleno1959 yep… that’s the magic of music. Especially the great old TV themes, which were instantly identifiable and singable. They don’t write that kind anymore.

  5. Juliaflo says:

    @pieword I totally second that motion.

    Don’t you just detest what is done to the closing credits on TV Land?

  6. ignorecorporatenews says:

    The show “77 Sunset Strip” needs to be released on DVD’s !

  7. John80220 says:

    I wonder who it was at CBS or Fox that decided to dump the original pilot episode opening, featuring Dwayne Hickman and a group of live-action girls (including a fence-painting Yvonne Craig) and go with the animated one, which dumped the real-life girls but kept the fence.

  8. DavelovesRealMusic says:

    Where is the DVD release of this show–why was it never released to DVD?

  9. yowzephyr says:

    I remember watching this TV show as a kid. This opening seemed so innocent back then.

    But damn. Look at 0:21. That guy is such an evil looking peeping Tom, isn’t he? And then next that innocent, doe eyed girl looks so sweet and innocent….until she starts shaking her booty at 0:26. I mean what’s up with that? (Dobie’s dong, that’s what.)

    More booty at 0:29. More ass wagging at 0:31.

    I was so naive in those days. I had no clue that the animator was thinking about fucking at every frame.

  10. cap1900 says:

    This is when health food was considered del’Monte canned peaches in heavy cream.

  11. pieword says:

    Nick at Night and TV Land started off great and then went down hill fast, they both stink now.

  12. ilovetortillas says:

    i wish nick at nite would go back to showing old classics like this. i used to watch all of this as a kid in the 80s.

  13. b30307 says:

    Yeah, the opening never really fit the show. The drawings of the girls were cool and very 50s – but portraying Dobie not as 17 and looking for a girlfriend, but some kinda creepy cartoon kid was misguided. Theme music was classic though.

  14. sgpollock says:

    Loved this show! My favs growing up were 3 Stooges, Rascals, Maynard G Crebbs, Eddie Haskle and Pepe le wonder I’m a mess!

  15. kjbleu says:

    @marioTmaggot – me too! Don’t you wish TVLand actually showed old show like this instead of the BS they have on now?

  16. tracispazz says:

    i agree with mario. i loved this show. and f troop and my three sons.

  17. MerleOberon says:

    Gee, Dobie would be on the sexual predator’s list now looking through a peephole!

  18. Nash1a says:

    Geez that is a little creepy, don’t you think? That leer and peeping thur the hole in the fence? Having enjoyed the series, I find that intro just a little bizarre.

  19. cheyenne86 says:

    couldnt get this song outta my mind last night

  20. loocee95 says:


    You mean you weren’t entralled by Pillsbury?
    They claim it added a loving touch….


  21. noacronym says:

    Ahhh…. a return to the pre-Liberalism days. How refreshing.

  22. videoshirt says:

    @marioTmaggot exactly man thats exactly what i’m saying

  23. JubalCalif says:

    Warren Beatty was a regular during the first half of the first season of this show. He played a stuck up rich guy. Wonder whatever happened to him….

  24. ftsjr says:

    I wish they’d release this entire series on DVD.

  25. karlakor says:

    @chronocream I thought the same thing you did. Dobie did impress me as being a pervert, peeking through a knothole. Of course, I never thought that when the series originally aired.

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