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Do You Remember These TV Westerns.wmv

Dedicated to whoever loves 50s and 60s TV westerns.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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24 Responses to “Do You Remember These TV Westerns.wmv”

  1. pattarasila59 says:

    @allshookup1977 Thanks so much Frank for your lovely compliment. I’m glad you like this video.

  2. pattarasila59 says:

    @4EVERTHEOLDCHARRO Thanks so much Vic for your taking time to view and listen. I really appreciate it. Wish you gave a great week day and all the best to you my friend.

  3. allshookup1977 says:

    Excellent Pat! This was a terrific tribute to these wonderful TV westerns. I grew up watching these shows, and now I’m buying them on DVD to enjoy them all over again! Cool background song too! Well done, this was great! … FrAnK


    hi pat
    i remember all of these too well
    thank you
    5 stars
    have a nice evening

  5. pattarasila59 says:

    @annemaree Thank you very much Annemaree for the compliment.

  6. pattarasila59 says:

    @dleewhee You’re so lucky to have a chance to watch these old television classics on reruns almost every day. I wish I had a chance to watch them. Thanks for taking time to view and listen to my upload Dona’.

  7. pattarasila59 says:

    @7lizet Yes, I know. And I’ve got 34 episodes of them Lizet. Wish you have a nice new week my dear friend.

  8. pattarasila59 says:

    @ebfan41 Thanks for the compliment.

  9. pattarasila59 says:

    @OnlyFifties Thank you so much for the compliment. I apologise for forgetting to mention the name of the great drummer, Sandy Nelson, in my video. This song, Teen Beat, is one of his evergreen hits. And Sandy Nelson is really great. I really love his songs.

  10. pattarasila59 says:

    @TunesNorth Thank you so much for the kind compliment.

  11. pattarasila59 says:

    @laurabrake1 Thank you so much Laura.

  12. pattarasila59 says:

    @Bluemoonofmemphis Thank you very much Phil. Your compliment is greatly appreciated my friend.

  13. pattarasila59 says:

    @CountryWesternGal Thanks so much Patricia for your lovely compliment. I really appreciate it.

  14. TunesNorth says:

    Thank you for the send my friend.
    I certainly do remember those shows.
    Loved everyone of them!
    And thanks for posting Pat.
    Nothin’ but thumbs pard!

  15. annemaree says:

    My mother liked watching all these old westerns, they were great!
    Thankyou for this beaut. share!

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  17. dleewhee says:

    I still each these old westerns on reruns almost everyday! This is a great video, pat! Well done!

  18. OLdies1960s says:

    @ebfan41 Thanks for the Share!!! Love those Classic TV Westerns !!!

  19. 7lizet says:

    I remember Bonanza
    do you know that serie

  20. OnlyFifties says:

    Thanks for the share of this great piece of music from Sandy Nelson and terrific Western images,,,I remember most of them !!

  21. ebfan41 says:

    All great TV westerns with actors and actresses in those shows. !!

  22. laurabrake1 says:

    Very cool upload. Laura

  23. Bluemoonofmemphis says:

    Fantastic Post!!!
    Lots of old favourites and memories in this video!
    Many Thanks Pat!
    Very Best Wishes

  24. CountryWesternGal says:

    Great Little Video My Friend
    Nice Tune To Go With This Video
    Two Thumb’s Up
    ~Love Patricia~ Hugs ♥

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