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DJ EJ – Virgo Vs Brett Maverick


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23 Responses to “DJ EJ – Virgo Vs Brett Maverick”

  1. buzzincon says:

    no mate soz i had it ages ago,, about a year ago but i dont listen to it that much anymore

  2. telfordkrunkers says:

    @TitchyMann same ha ha

  3. telfordkrunkers says:

    @buzzincon you still got the old stuff mate i need it :/
    like ej 11 – 16
    and virgo seductive ?

  4. wetotheetotheztotheo says:

    this would be bangin without the gay words repeted over and over

  5. TitchyMann says:

    I’ve Been Lookin For This Tuneeeee For Timee

  6. badboytriz says:

    this toons a banger

  7. badboytriz says:

    devil man is shit

  8. manchestermandem09 says:

    send me that song then g

  9. manchestermandem09 says:

    bum bum bum bum bum bum bum

  10. mcslick222 says:

    how can i get dis on mp3?????

  11. buzzincon says:

    ive got the song i got mine from mr virgo seductive vol 1 lol ill send it anyone just send me a msg through youtue nd ill giv ya mi addy then i will send ;)

  12. pterawji says:

    fukin hell sikage..bline killin it

  13. lyricalbadgirl says:

    anyone gt ful version

  14. kaydee927 says:

    big big massive respect to johnny k

  15. mcgazmo says:

    can u send me this track

  16. bridangler says:


  17. basswingz says:

    Biggest dj on roag……EJ the FATHER….

  18. Seangregory60 says:

    badboiiiiiiiiii tune danny gregory

  19. potplant73 says:

    messy travk

  20. s12birleyb0iZ says:

    biiig track mr.v u got msn mann?? if u av send us dis chuune will ya ??


    miss a beat…sick track..

  22. J3SSOVBSC says:

    sik trak x

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