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Dizzy Gillespie on The Muppet Show

How bad can it be? Dizzy Gillespie on “The Muppet Show” Performing, “St. Louis Blues” with The Electric Mayhem, in a very groovy way. This excerpt is from “The Muppet Show”, season 4 episode 85. Aired: February 28, 1980. Enjoy

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25 Responses to “Dizzy Gillespie on The Muppet Show”

  1. parchedization says:

    YES the trick is to click to to download the high quality mp3 for this song.

  2. exceptingize says:

    actually here’s the trick. i clicked to to download this song as an mp3.

  3. DocWyldeCard says:

    Man, the good ol’ days, when music actually was music…

    Quality stuff, but I have one question: Anyone know what that instrument was Dizzy was playing? Never seen a horn like that before…

  4. cepilla says:

    the 19 people tat thumbed dwon this just want some attention or feel special in a certain group…… RETARDS!

  5. Cardiff67235 says:

    19 people with thumbs down??? ENVIOUS are we.

  6. TaintedBlueberry says:

    @D7Z Does that really matter? What matter’s is, that man could play. He created great music, in fact, people like Dizzy and Coltrane, (Just to name 2) were almost the definition of Jazz.

  7. MrArlew1 says:

    this was awesome, Diz was known 4his clowning around & that fit in great with a show like the muppets, but the biggest mistake that most folks make is that even though this show had kid appeal, it wasn’t a childrens show. about 2 yrs after this aired a few of us band buds caught his performance @ chgo’s South shore Country Clup Park that 2 was awesome

  8. D7Z says:

    ewwww. he was like an elephant with those phat cheecks

  9. CirrusBxp says:

    @fishkiller A while ago I think Arthur had Joshua Redman and Yo-Yo Ma on it for an episode

  10. pantheruny says:


  11. mario72342 says:

    What a waste, He should have been on a much better level of programming.

  12. ThizzNweed253 says:

    Loved the Muppet Show back in the day. They had all kinds of great talent on it was like a kids SNL :)

  13. immunerock says:

    i wish guys like him get paid well. there’s nothing wrong working on a kid’s show, i hope it wasn’t because times were tough for this great guy

  14. tpenn93 says:

    @Weizeil1121 hes a nice man…….cute huh lol

  15. tpenn93 says:

    @deatho10o whats it look like???? LOL

  16. tpenn93 says:

    what is the name of this song? i searched for St. Louis Blues doesnt seem like the same song

  17. tpenn93 says:

    @fishkiller haha or beiber, what happended

  18. littledrewboo says:

    @BlueCollarTweeker this trumpet has a darker tone than a regular one

  19. bravoumbus says:

    year, please!

  20. Pendor42 says:

    @saxophoneninja yup an armstrong don press down with his finger tips neither. shame Dizzies so fuckin awesome an all i can think is: SIZE of that guys face!

  21. Ebarneal says:

    I wonder how many grapes he can fit in his mouth…

  22. Mistermedicina says:


  23. waltershanghai says:


  24. saxophoneninja says:

    and teachers say “don’t puff your cheeks”…

  25. TheMrVaporwareGamma says:

    @BlueCollarTweeker Yes, actually – the 45 degree bend in the horn gives it a darker sound than other trumpets. Dizzy liked the sound so much that he made the bent trumpet (which came into being due to complete accident, by the way) that he made it his trademark.

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