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Disney’s Zorro – 1×39 – The Eagle’s Flight (3)

Part 3
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25 Responses to “Disney’s Zorro – 1×39 – The Eagle’s Flight (3)”

  1. jluistl says:

    Se disparan y se matan pero no hay sangre.

  2. MeninodeValpoi says:

    @coporalreyes: Please come up with more of these Zorro Serials (English and in colour), there are a lot more of them as a kid I used to read the comics and have got a whole lot of comics collection back in Goa. Please add more of the serials.

  3. eetjaarem says:

    I loved how the cavalry arived.

  4. wrybreadspread says:

    fantastic. i saw a few of the “eagle” episodes back in the late 1960′s. i was in high school and zorro was in syndication. and 40 years later i finally get to see how the story arc ended. viva zorro. viva OorporalReyes Vaya con Dios, SeƱor Corporal

  5. lilchiq95 says:

    this is when disney was cool

  6. linnybrown says:

    I love it when Zorro and the soldiers fight together.

  7. qwertyxxx22 says:

    1:48 min….so cool !!

  8. SeniorettaLeah says:

    Wow, another episode that I don’t remember. How cool is this? :O! I was cheering for them all, ha ha!!!
    Sergeant Garcia-I knew he had it in him!
    Benardo-Great job man!
    Alejandro-He make look older….but look out bad-guys, get out of his way!
    Deigo-He’s got it all folks…..not enough space to say everything good about him!! :O
    The Eagle-About time someone killed him! >:(

  9. hcvang says:

    20 dollars for a complete season on four marvelous DVD’s, and people still act like pieces of shit and upload other peoples property without their permission.

    You’ve got some balls pissing on Disney, man. And I dont mean that as a compliment.

  10. swrdgrl says:

    World’s fastest quickchange artist at 6:18 – it took the prisoners, what, about 10 seconds to cross the cuartel?

  11. swrdgrl says:

    @anfison4ic Hey, he’s had lots of practice. ;-)

  12. SchmoozeMinkey says:

    Thank you! My favorite TV series when I was in the 2nd Grade! Did a tempera painting of Sergeant Garcia with the Z on his pants. Teacher loved it.

  13. briantravelman says:

    I love this episode! This is byfar the best episode!


    wow the sergeant has turned into a great shot!

  15. moodysoup says:

    Out of ammunition…time to make napalm! Too much?

  16. EmSTrO7x3 says:

    I really like the ending in this episode

  17. EmSTrO7x3 says:

    I really like the swordfight in this episode

  18. EmSTrO7x3 says:

    @espressivo41891 Me too

  19. EmSTrO7x3 says:

    Was Senor Varga an evil man?

  20. EmSTrO7x3 says:

    Who was the name of the Villain that Zorro defeated in this episode?

  21. joyofwords says:

    Oh, wow, that was a good episode.

  22. espressivo41891 says:

    potted plants. :)

  23. itsaguinness says:

    posted swamp fox

  24. TalaIsShining says:

    cool, haha I guess it is.
    I luv the intro song

  25. happylmc says:

    Oh yes, one of his best works ever

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