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Disney’s Zorro – 1×01 – Presenting Senor Zorro (3)

The very first episode of Disney’s Zorro.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Disney’s Zorro – 1×01 – Presenting Senor Zorro (3)”

  1. zorro822 says:

    who is tornado?

  2. whiteboydark says:

    @snakes3425 Uhh…there were a few steps in between that. I still agree that Zorro’s badass and Miley isn’t…but still…

  3. grobbo1961 says:

    @CherryCokeLove Yes please. I loved Guy as John Robinson but he is more dashing as Zorro. Also love his offsider, such a funny little man.

  4. CherryCokeLove says:

    @grobbo1961 How about both? A prize package!

  5. grobbo1961 says:

    @SeniorettaLeah You should check out the livery of James West in Wild Wild West on my channel. Diego and James were 2 men who knew how to dress :)

  6. grobbo1961 says:

    @CherryCokeLove ZORRO!!!! I wish I had a man like he… :)

  7. CherryCokeLove says:

    TORONADO!!!! I wish I had a horse like he….

  8. 123GHOSTRIDERS123 says:

    I LOVE Tornado! <3 (:

  9. coralin378 says:

    I remember when Disney was not only decent, but also very enjoyable
    now, I almost cry when I see the ridiculous shows on Disney channel. I know Nickelodeon has a channel with all the old shows on it. I think Disney should do the same. I would watch a whole marathon of Zorro, but I can’t stomach 5 minutes of suite life or hannah montana

  10. Nuge2008 says:

    I remember staying up until midnight when i was 6 or 7 to see this on the Mickey Mouse Club… Having to fake being asleep when my parents would come and check just to see me favorite outlaw (with Robin Hood as a close second).

    Now I’m 20 and every episode is here whenever I wanna watch them and somehow there’s something missing, no one to come and tell me I need to get to sleep!

    Thanks so much for putting these up!!!

  11. TheRosaLee23 says:

    Alejandro know what a fighter Diego was, and how smart. And would’nt Deigo have wrote home and sayed, “Hey, I won the fencing championship!” That’s why he called him back in the first place. I bet Alejandro figured it out almost from the first……but it is always so sad to see how he looks down at Deigo. :(

  12. 12wii12 says:

    TORNADOOO :O Always my favorite horse, like Shadowfax uknow :)

  13. SeniorettaLeah says:

    *Wolf whistle* That kelly-green suit with the gold braid. What a knock-out of an outfit!
    Most men today wouldn’t be caught dead in a suit like that. Deigo’s suits are always in taste.
    It just occured to me that Toranado may be another clue to his father later. Wouldn’t he begin to wonder about that black colt Deigo used to own??? Surely he used to show him off to Alejandro before he left for Spain. I betcha he figured him out LONG before Deigo knew it. Gracias CorporalReyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. dsimpsons1 says:

    Remember when Disney meant something?

  15. 1089aef says:

    Zorro has a nice smile :)

  16. EmeraldGemstar09 says:

    The first and the greatest superhero of them all… well, one of them..!

  17. julianozain says:

    Thank you very much for post this gem

  18. Aztech22 says:

    Best Zorro EVER!!!

  19. genuardie says:

    henry calvin & Britt lommond two genius!!!!!!

  20. ultimateSpagety says:

    Guy Williams is still my favorite Zorro. I remember watching this as a kid and it aired late at night on the Disney channel. *sigh* ah the good old days. Thank you for posting.

  21. ultimateSpagety says:

    @snakes3425 If ol’ Walt were alive I don’t think it would have ever happened.

  22. onemooners says:

    great acting,costume,and sword play,remember this has a kid

  23. snakes3425 says:


    It looks like a Raipier

  24. CrystalDiode says:

    @snakes3425 AMEN TO THAT!!!!! zorro was somebody that people could look up to. and there was the side benefit that kids would learn a little spainish at the same time!!!

  25. Dragonkid2047 says:

    @cyber3x Antonio Banderas was a pretty good Zorro in the movies

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