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Disco Freakout

Bobby and Cissy in the most rediculous outfits ever!

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25 Responses to “Disco Freakout”

  1. mimidreamie says:

    He’s tenting his banana pants I think

  2. Hashnew says:

    My eyes hurt, disco-style.

  3. Tokopol says:

    @buzzintexas Yeah she’s got a nice can. I wonder why Welk decided to run this instead of firing every participant for being too “cheesecake”.

  4. maleficentdiva says:

    the costumes are AWFUL!!!! but they are good dancers!

  5. zac613 says:

    u know it’s the 70′s when ur bright and flashy pants r so tight that they bulge when u stand still. i still prefer 70′s clothing compared to the crappy clothing we have today (heavy sigh) oh well.

  6. billyboylb says:

    Looks like Bobby spent some time at the Burger Barn!

  7. mikma says:

    mikma was here

  8. 4795598 says:

    This is frickin’ wunderfull. I laughed. I cried. I hurled.

  9. bobbobato says:

    You know what this is? The work of somebody born in the 1900s conforming the reality of the 1970s to what he though in 1939 the future would be like. He still has assumes real music is big band, that people dance with goofy smiles, and when he sees the world around him he applies this worldview to a culture which has radically changed. Since this is the future, though, he makes the set look like something from a B sci-fi serial and inserts these little ‘funky’ sounds to make it modern/futuristic

  10. Bnswiss says:

    why does this only have 90,000 views it should have at least 10 million

  11. buzzintexas says:

    It doesn’t matter what Sissy is wearing she’s freakin’ HOT!

  12. martybearass says:

    as much as luved Lawrence this was beginning of the end RIP Gran!

  13. msroser says:

    When the coked-up serious disco habitues saw this, they must have KNOWN their era was over.

  14. cardionema says:

    “One of our recent albums, Nauseous Theme, gave Cis and Bobby plenty of ideas for new routines”. Well, that explains the costumes – they’re definitely nauseating!

  15. cardionema says:

    “One of our most recent albums, Nauseous Theme”? Well, that explains the costumes – they’re definitely nauseating.

  16. truthfullyours1 says:

    OMG! ROFLMAO!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.


    the man is sooo gay jajaja

  18. quiltbee says:

    awe…sweetness….memories are great…thank you….

  19. Mandi7882 says:

    @jarhead2o01 – Ha! :)

  20. jarhead2o01 says:

    I always thought bobby was the girls name.

  21. thamonstah510 says:

    what the heck

  22. babi226 says:

    Captain and Tenilel – Love Will Keep Us Together

  23. serious22 says:

    I watch this whenever I’m feeling down.

  24. kismet0001 says:

    WTF with those outfits!!! I need drink..Second thought make it a double….

  25. Bachofile says:

    @somewhatlongdong Jeez, I hope he did! At least he could get a different taste in his mouth . . . .

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