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Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing – Old Grey Whistle Test

Recorded for the BBC-Television program “The Old Grey Whistle Test” on January 31st 1978.

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25 Responses to “Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing – Old Grey Whistle Test”

  1. Hooverdarnit says:

    Songs brings one back to a time and place. For me this song brings me back to 1979. I was sitting in a county jail for possessing some wild, ditch weed hemp I found along side of interstate 80 in Nebraska.

  2. dockie1964 says:

    1978 was a great year for music..Not like the crap that’s out there today. I’m grateful to be a product of the 70′s..

  3. kjallesoft says:

    The band around Mark Knopfler went from a seriously promising d├ębut , then as continously growing creative renwer of all that had been before, to the exceptional high standard Dire Straits we all remember! Thanks to his golden fingers and brilliant composing. Today nothing of that talent has changed , still with Knopfler all is different again.

  4. mcguigan54 says:

    I’m 47 too and back in 1987 when Dire Straits were playing this, the following bands had #1 chart hits: Boney M (twice), John Travolta and Olivia Newton John (twice) and Brotherhood of Man! There is always bad music around and there are always gems to be found if you look for them.

  5. AxeMoose says:

    @recoveryman63 You got that right.

  6. TheIntolerantAtheist says:

    @recoveryman63 Don’t forget the cause of the death of the music industry, illegal downloading.

  7. epoxycock says:

    @miiwii93 No doubt….It took till 2006 for Skynyrd to get in…(cuz they were associated with a confederate flag)

  8. DragonSlayerOmega says:

    @MikesMusic475 I’d attribute that to the old recording. You can notice the video quality fading out at some points too. Broadcasting wasn’t 100% HD back then. Still an epic song by a band that “musicians” now and days should take notes from.

  9. Dabush77 says:

    Fuck Vevo

  10. MikesMusic475 says:

    His guitar sounds bad here.

  11. dogsofwar007 says:

    @TheIntolerantAtheist unusual comment … watch some more justin bieber and maybe you’ll appreciate these guys … this performance is pure money

  12. meikamo says:

    Mark Knopfler don’t need no pick

  13. lozza456789 says:

    @recoveryman63 here here !!!!

  14. trollingdouche says:

    Damn them Bits sure knew how to take american blues and kick it up a notch

  15. miiwii93 says:

    5 bands that need to be in the rock n roll hall of fame:

    1. Rush
    2. Deep Purple
    3. Kiss
    4. Dire Straits
    5. Judas Priest

    do it….

  16. Blackmagicboy1 says:

    Absolute classic.

  17. chanelxela says:

    As I live abroad my country I don’t see my dad often, and a few days ago when I met my dad and we were talking like two old friends on tv came up this song, as me and my dad have linstened to it since I was a child, was like a bless, made our day, these simple coincidences make our life be sometimes wonderful. :)

  18. DJStuHirst says:

    @recoveryman63 yes mate. agreed.

  19. gazzaboy2531977 says:

    @MassaDayLewis looks like him .no other resemblence tho

  20. gazzaboy2531977 says:

    oh man what a band .

  21. 007beefy says:

    proper band, proper music, no crap, oh sorry i mean rap.

  22. filthyvegemite says:

    @ntrlmass Later…with Jools Holland is the only one that comes to mind

  23. MassaDayLewis says:

    is it just me that think that Mark at this age looks a bit like Chris Martin from Coldplay? =)

  24. HortonKansas says:

    Cool…its 2;15am and the neighbor just called and asked me to turn it down.

    Wheres that replay tab…

  25. numynut says:

    Orgasm at 2:42

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