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Dick Van Dyke Show: Episode 02: The Meershatz Pipe

Rob fears he is no longer needed when his co-writers do a show without his help. Orginal Air Date: 11/28/61

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25 Responses to “Dick Van Dyke Show: Episode 02: The Meershatz Pipe”

  1. Natashasarran says:

    i love these shows!

  2. ufmconference says:

    “In his den? The den in his house? No the den in his car, what do you think?” lol classic


    The first Couple to share the same Bed on a Primetime Network Show were Fred and Wilma Flintstone on The Flintstones! True Fact!

  4. SparkyFirecracker says:

    I don’t think sleeping in separate beds was prudish. They need to go back to that if you ask me!

  5. LEELANDFAN1 says:

    @dolphinjjam they just had to do that on TV (it was not appropriate to show them sleeping in same bed. (also in I love Lucy ;) )

  6. ForeverOldiesO1 says:

    @dolphinjjam It was very common back then!

  7. fashionhistorylover says:

    @sethblatt I like this show and i feel that there is too much sex on tv now but seperate beds was very prudish.

  8. attkable says:

    “Rob, Rob! You’re gargling with chicken-rice soup!”


  9. sethblatt says:

    @ienjoypancakes09 back then it wasn’t appropriate to sleep in the same bed on TV. TV was a lot better back then

  10. sethblatt says:

    @dolphinjjam in the old shows the husband and wife would sleep in separate beds because it would be inappropriate to sleep in the same bed on TV.

  11. redrey718619 says:

    PENIS VAN LESBIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ienjoypancakes09 says:

    @dolphinjjam back then you couldn’t film two people in bed together for some odd reasoning.

  13. PhoenixBird50 says:

    @Gossage54 What, were they actually seen in bed together, at the same time? Bewitched was before The Brady Bunch. There are rumours of a very old show in the 50s having a couple sharing a double bed BUT I’m not sure that they were actually shown in bed, together, at the very same time.

  14. Gossage54 says:

    @PhoenixBird50 The legend is that the Brady Bunch is the first, though then there are the claims of the Munsters and the Flinstones (though animated of course). I have to go back and see about Bewitched, so long since I’ve seen it.

  15. MyTenToes says:

    I didn’t know people could be funny back then :D

  16. fashionhistorylover says:

    @UTAOUB My point is that not many couples sleep in seperate beds and it would have been even more unusual in that time. It was for censorship purposes not the realism.

  17. UTAOUB says:

    When Kennedy was in office, a girl in my sister’s class made up the following Haiku:
    GOD BLESS JFK — WITH VIGAH! “When I am buried / Put this at my head / Did 89 Push-ups / And then she dropped dead! “

  18. UTAOUB says:

    @fashionhistorylover My parents ALWAYS had twin beds! (And they had two children!) A SEPARATE bed gives a peson a sense of independence! When needed, they can sleep — or whatever — in one of those twin beds.
    People shouldnt be labeled “prudish” if THEY decide to sleep in twin beds. Only prudish if they tell OTHER people they should sleep in twin beds. This IS the age of “do your own thing”, isn’t it?????

  19. UTAOUB says:

    Funny show! The jokes never get stale, and the performances always stay real! Like all the old comedy great shows, characters made fun of the SITUATION. In too many modern TV “comedies”, the characters make fun of EACH OTHER!

  20. dontbeanidiot101 says:

    @dolphinjjam back then the producers didn’t want to show people sleeping in the same bed. even if they were married in the show/movie

  21. OldTelivisionRocks says:

    In the nanny there is a spoof of this fran says “rob I did something terrible” sobbing. “What’d ya do?” “I pushed our beds together.”

  22. PhoenixBird50 says:

    The first to show a couple in the same bed wasn’t Bob Newhart. It was ‘Bewitched’.
    Prior to that, married couples were usually in twin beds. Sex hadn’t been invented! And Bewitched started in the 60s, so a couple of comments are incorrect.

  23. fashionhistorylover says:

    @karilwyn1959 I miss some of the innocence too but the seperate beds were prudish.

  24. starkcreative says:

    I think it was Bob Newhart that was the first to show him and his wife in the same bed.

  25. auhin says:

    Ritchie’s right, the funny part IS where they push the witch into the oven.

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