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Dick Van Dyke Show: Episode 01: The Sick Boy and the Sitter

Comedy writer Rob Petrie talks his wife Laura into leaving their “sick” son Ritchie with a babysitter even though they attend a large party. Orginal Air Date: 10/3/61
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Dick Van Dyke Show: Episode 01: The Sick Boy and the Sitter”

  1. Calvero52 says:

    One of the best tv shows ever to have graced the airwaves!

  2. ruithinik says:

    Oh classic tv, how ive missed you.

  3. Fersomling says:

    Dick always talked like his nose was stopped up.

  4. Takara963 says:

    @dhucke4assembly That sounds like a great episode,what is it called ?

  5. IvyNirvana says:

    Marry Tyler Moore=MILF

  6. lordrandal90 says:

    never seen a better ending in a tv show

  7. newFranzFerencLiszt says:

    nice name

  8. RetroJenny says:

    Nothing on television today can come close to classics like this. Give me the Munsters, Dick Van Dyke, Green Acres, Mr. Ed, I love Lucy, Sanford, etc anyday.

  9. Nightwing20 says:

    @kurtb8474 true that! His voice got lower… and his hair whiter… thats it!

  10. rrhev says:

    @RosesNightengales I think he has aged really well too, after seeing him in some recent interviews w/ Jay Leno and Rachael Ray to promote his new book.

  11. newjean2000 says:

    Isn’t it amazing that we had sitcoms back then that didn’t involve sex, violence, profanity and they were actually funny……….

  12. IndigoMaroon says:

    @thatswhatshessaid Yeah same here! After watching them on Rachael Ray thought I would take a look and it’s beyond my expectations. There are some really great witty lines and I just love watching retro shows and am fascinated with life in those “good ol’ days” : D Will continue watching more episodes for sure.
    – Also, don’t you think Dick and Mary make such a cute couple? XD It’s so much fun watching them two act together

  13. kurtb8474 says:

    The bit at 20:54 is part of classic TV comedy history.

  14. kurtb8474 says:

    Just saw Mr. Van Dyke on Jay Leno the other night. He is 85 years old and aside from the wrinkles, white hair and beard, there’s no difference. He sang “Supercalif…’ whatever, and danced a little. Age has had very little affect on him.

  15. turtpame says:

    Awww I used to love watching them years back, I still love them today!! Thanks for sharing! Entertainment at it’s cleanest and funniest!

  16. dtz1000 says:

    Now that’s quality entertainment. Not like the crap they put on today.

  17. thatswhatshessaid says:

    I saw Dick and Mary on the Rachael Ray show today and decided to check this out! it’s funny, and i can’t wait to watch more :)

  18. tyleepeachesncream says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never watched this before…..I feel deprived! I MUST REMEDY THIS!

  19. ClassicsWEREandARE says:

    HELP!!! What episode does is it where Rob and Laura are shouting and she says “Why are you shouting?”
    He replies, “I’m not shouting at you, you’re just in the way”

    I cannot place the episode!!

  20. dsscam says:

    The talent today is nowhere close to the way it was -back then. That includes writing and performing.

  21. onemooners says:

    @RosesNightengales mary tyler moore was good looking also

  22. Monkeeperson says:

    To everyone who says Dick Van Dyke WAS funny, this show WAS a classic, Dick Van Dyke WAS handsome. I just have 1 thing to say to you… “WAS” nothing!!!! All those things still are true!!!!!!!
    I’m 19yrs old and I like this show better than the other things that kids my age are watching and I’m dang proud to say that!! ♥

  23. Juliaflo says:

    50 Years, and still very entertaining.

  24. wowvideoshey says:

    I love it! Something clean and unadulterated for those of us with moral sense.

  25. moproducer says:

    @8bittrauma More like subtly sensual. They used to do that in TV & film, when writing and acting were more crafted and less formulaic.

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