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Desi Arnaz remembers Lucille Ball

Important: Thank you for making this my most viewed and with most comments video!!! the only thing i can say is:i t is so beatifull and it allways tuch my heart. Hope you enjoy!Comment! Amanda

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25 Responses to “Desi Arnaz remembers Lucille Ball”

  1. TFrOcks25 says:

    They may have gotten a divorce after 20 yrs…but they NEVER stopped loving each other! God Bless both of them :)

  2. Marvinglz says:

    I don’t think Desi ever got over his love of Lucy! As men we always fuck up but I know his heart always belonged to Lucy. Even though he probably hurt her so much. Until his last breath he always expressed his eternal love fo her. Rest in peace Desi and Lucy.

  3. Pickles10175 says:

    vitameatavegamin :D

  4. Jeannenyc57 says:

    loved them both RIP

  5. wiannoboy says:

    @AlinaFierra… They had a happy ending. Lucy forgave Desi….they both remarried happily to wonderful people……….Lucy and Desi then flourished as parents and they went on to continue loving each other in a different way and remained lifelong friends !

  6. willsassyou says:

    I don’t think there will EVER be another television show with such loved characters, such chemistry, or loved by so many fans around the world. You can’t recreate or manufacture the magic that is I Love Lucy.

  7. AndrewjMark says:

    Love this video, just as we all love and miss Lucy. The emotion she displays is real and it gets me every time.

  8. lvesdck says:

    I have always loved this show…..
    and I always will…

  9. AUSRNAME says:

    @AlinaFierra Why don’t we let God judge them and just enjoy the good memories??

  10. markedwardindc says:

    Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular? Well…..are you? LOL! I love it!

  11. AlinaFierra says:

    @amanda0205078 Yes Amanda, but that is still not an excuse to cheat and hurt someone the way he hurt her. He was a workaholic as well, with ambitions as big as hers. I love Ricky, but it makes me so sad when I think the way she treated her :(

  12. DarkFox47 says:

    @amanda0205078 i have to agree with you on that, like they say it takes two to cheat

  13. bigkevcxza says:

    he didnt cheat on her, they both decided it was best to divorce, they both didnt want Desi Arnaz jr and Lucie Arnaz to be stuck in the middle, they both got remarried and stayed good friends, but Vivian Vance and Bill Frawley hated eachother

  14. cheyenne86 says:

    @amanda0205078 there is never a good reason to cheat on your husband of wife.

  15. cheyenne86 says:

    @JonahPasion there is never a good reason to cheat on your husband of wife.

  16. dsrtflwr says:

    That was real emotion between those two in the “We’e Having a Baby” scene. It must have been wonderful to be so in love and so secure and having a baby together.

  17. Retrotreasures says:

    I Never Seen this video what a great video.

  18. erakas1 says:

    Had the great joy of seeing this costume in person today at the Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown NY today. You don’t know how gloriously colorful and bright these costumes were. This suit is bright blue. BRIGHT blue. Amazing. I was surprised and delighted. They do a great job in Jamestown, her hometown.

  19. redheadonfire2 says:

    i love how ricky slides next to lucy when he finds out shes pregnant

  20. SiNgEr2697 says:

    I wish they ended up ok… They were such a beautiful couple!! :(

  21. Iluthra says:

    There were times when he had to work hard not to smile when Lucy was giving her lines. I once heard her mention her “husband” in an interview, not EX-husband. I feel that Lucy and Desi loved each other very much. I marveled at the same thing when Tony Curtis spoke of Janet Leigh as his wife, years after their divorce. These people had soul mates they just couldn’t live with.

  22. KaiRobin says:

    remember when people had to be legitimately talented to become well known? Nowadays most comedians just seem to recycle awkward sex jokes and the radio is filled with people who can’t sing or play instruments but can process their voice through auto-tune

  23. annushkasempire says:

    I’m so glad I found it this. Thank you. I posted it to my friends on myspace so the younger generation can understand what a true star is.

  24. rob4791 says:

    A great warm person? She was an incredibly talented, hugely funny performer, but she was also a tremendous egotist. You can tell watching The Lucy Show when she took full reign of the behind the scenes. From that time on she became less and less funny. She NEEDED Desi running things beyond the camera and to keep her on a leash.

  25. shereenisabitch says:

    This video is amazing. It is just incredible. A real touch of the past. Jonahpasion you are too serious. Ease up a bit. Its in the past. They made great comedy and great laughter. Who cares about the downsides, with lucy and desi it was always the up. Cheers

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