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Desi Arnaz Jr. portrays his father in “The Mambo Kings”

Unbeknownst to the cast at the time, the “I Really like Lucy” clips for this movie were really filmed at the old Desilu Studios. Desi Jr. told them.
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25 Responses to “Desi Arnaz Jr. portrays his father in “The Mambo Kings””

  1. italoman9 says:

    Has his dad’s voice down pat!

  2. xxkorean1988xx says:

    @kay2be2 Actually the daughter of Lucille Ball spells her name Lucie.

  3. jgknightboyz2000 says:

    Desi Arnaz Jr. did a GREAT job at portraying his dad. R.I.P. – Desi Arnaz Sr.

  4. RayPointer says:

    It’s interesting seeing Desi, Jr. portraying his father. But there are times when he loses the impression of his father’s voice and character. It’s hard being a duplicate of a parent when the child is not the parent.

  5. TrainerJim22 says:

    This movie is one of my all-time favorites. It was so great to see Tito Puente and Celia Cruz still performing. The music soundtrack is wonderful–love the mambo music! And I saw that episode of I Love Lucy that they originally showed on television. It was great how they were able to use the footage of Lucy again. But I was wondering–who were the two guys (actors) that appeared on the original show that didn’t understand English? Does anybody know? Thanks for this scene!

  6. lfRMFC says:

    @kay2be2 Lucie Arnaz looks exactly like Lucille Ball’s mother DeeDee. I was looking at some pictures of Lucy with her mom and Lucie favors DeeDee. And I think Desi Jr. (aka Desi IV) does looks like his dad. He has the same eyes as Desi Sr.

  7. louisedufwa says:

    don jons

  8. Afightsback says:

    that isn’t is voice, that is father voice in the background

  9. mgdiaz913 says:

    He was a pioneer in television as well as just being Lucille balls husband. He paved the way for many musicians in NYC in the early days. He paved the way for many Cuban’s; it was great to see oe of your own make it big in the USA.

  10. Farrahsmom13 says:

    He sounds like his father, but doesn’t really resemble him. If that makes sense. Of course Desi Arnaz III was too sexy, it’s hard to find a real look-a-like.

  11. ChandlerandMonica83 says:

    Desi sounds exactly like his Dad!!! His dad was so charming and Ive heard he was a very down to earth kind person.

  12. Duke535 says:

    In Ricardi Montalban’s autobiography, he said that his children’s doctor told him that “the biggest favor” he could do for his children was to never speak Spanish around them. Imagine!

  13. MrtheEstrada says:

    yeah but he wasn’t able to carry his accent but besides that its good

  14. apostlebishop says:

    I love it.Excellent.

  15. Jelly50cent says:

    Thank u for posting this for all to enjoy.

  16. sopranoman007 says:

    its amazing how much he SOUNDSSSS like his father…holy shit its pretty creepy

  17. alexandshady says:

    How Did You Know I Like Elvis?

  18. kay2be2 says:

    yeah that’s true but that would mean that the parents waited too long to teach them. If parents speak to their kids in both languages since the day they are born they just automatically pick up both, that’s what my parents did with me, I didn’t have a choice in the matter I’ve just always known both languages. I really hope that stradegy works on my future kids as well lol! I would hate for them to deny their roots.

  19. flabbergasmic says:

    Sometimes kids do not want to learn languages. I know lots of immigrants whose children have little or no interest in their native language. No offense intended. lol.

  20. flabbergasmic says:

    I would not worry about an accent. Most of the folks here can bearly speak English and couldn’t speak Cuban either. As long as you know sentences like: I will have a big mac, a super sized fries, two apple pies, two double macdonald’s burgers and a Small diet coke or where is the bathroom, or can you give me directions to Walmart you will be able to function well. Good luck my friend. P.S. I love Desi and Elvis too.

  21. kay2be2 says:

    I don’t understand your comment.
    I think you are confused. I was reffering to how sad it was that Desi sr. didn’t teach his son Desi jr. or his daughter Lucy how to speak spanish.

  22. alexandshady says:

    hey he wanted to learn English better not Spanish He already knew Spanish ever sense he came to America he waz trying to lose his accent. I’m his great niece and when i came from Cuba the only thing i tried to learn waz English without an accent.

  23. alexandshady says:

    why do you people think he sounds like his dad he kinda does but not really i’ve heard his voice in peson he’s my great uncle so i know both of them

  24. alexandshady says:

    yeah you can tell that’s his son

  25. alexandshady says:

    yeah i know the most he would say all you need to know is Hola, como Estas` and gracias` that’s it . Some times he would say four or five words to.

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