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  1. DJohanningmeier says:

    @mlkemper I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. If something of yours was flagged as spam, it wan’t intentional.

  2. mlkemper says:

    @DJohanningmeier what are flagging as spam ..???i am telling the truth about the johnny cash show and derek and the dominoes talking to me you are full of it ..they were using SHO-BUD GUITAR EQUIPMENT across the alley from the RYMAN and I was there ..mike k.

  3. ViniciusFiocco says:

    eric clapton looks an afraid shy dude here while he’s around his idols.

  4. gclafontaine says:

    Wow. Carl, Johnny and Eric jamming away. This is beautiful!

  5. flycentro123 says:

    @TheShangrenade im learning a couple new chords this month and then will post a video of the band,,

  6. DJohanningmeier says:

    @flycentro123: You don’t know your arse from a hole in the ground.

  7. TheShangrenade says:

    @flycentro123 Post a video of your band then

  8. Terrapin15170 says:

    Nm I wasn’t expecting that nice all star boogie at the end

  9. Terrapin15170 says:

    Only Johnny Cash could pull off just walkin’ around fully equipped with guitar on back for shits n’ giggles

  10. tomcaroscio says:

    I would like to see your band on a youtube video. Please let us know where we can find it. What type of music do you play?

  11. surfandyoga says:

    @flycentro123 Dreaming

  12. flycentro123 says:

    i just started my band and am on the same level with these guys in two months…

  13. matsellah says:

    Awesome. Another meeting of Titans recorded for posterity.

  14. johnpaulgrfab4 says:

    @mojoworknn….. I know I read his book Im a big fan since cream. (yes Im that old) He is a living legend. He overcame more then anyone should have to …I admire him for that as well as his musical talents

  15. mfawg says:

    One of my very, very favorite Clapton clips. He looks like a 6 year old on Christmas when they introduce Perkins, and then he can scarcely believe this shit is happening when they start playing.

    Happy Birthday, Eric!

  16. tomcaroscio says:

    @dgarra59 That’s Carl Radle the bass player behind Jim Gordon the drummer. Eric is in front and talks to Johnny Cash. He’s playing a Fender Stracotcaster as lead guitarist.

  17. dgarra59 says:

    @Vegasdan1946 Wow! My bad,,,I really did not recognize him. Thanx for the fax.

  18. Vegasdan1946 says:

    @dgarra59 He’s not the one behind the drummer, he’s the guy out in fron singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. dgarra59 says:

    @Vegasdan1946 Johnny Cash introduces him as Eric Clapton…

  20. Vegasdan1946 says:

    @dgarra59 That ain’t Eric

  21. 1965Z16 says:

    This is so cool. Imagine if Duane was there and they did Key To The Highway or Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad…..Carl and Johnny were so influential. Amazing.

  22. 26bobbyandcoco says:

    “I can honestly say that he was the best session drummer in the world and he made one hell of a mark as a live one as well. He raised the bar so high that no one will reach it” Bobby Whitlock A Rock~n~Roll Autobiography

  23. ervinlarson says:

    I remember seeing this show. Johnny Cash had a pretty killer variety show back in the sixties.

  24. dgarra59 says:

    Curious why Eric Clapton is hidden behind the drummer…

  25. dannyman60001 says:

    Soul singing and real blus soul guitar–Eric on Strat through a silver face Fender–early 70s history–Thanks Johnny!!

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