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Dennis Miller’s rant on intelligence

“Dennis Miller Live”(1995): Rant on intelligence

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25 Responses to “Dennis Miller’s rant on intelligence”

  1. phildirt3 says:

    i used to think this guy was awesome now that he s right wing fuck him the prick

  2. shadylurker138 says:

    @PhantomGamer100 chill man its part of the joke, lol.

  3. PhantomGamer100 says:


  4. SouthShoreLax says:

    I don’t want to go on a rant, here, but America’s foreign policy makes about as much sense as Beowulf having sex with Robert Fulton at the first battle of Antietam. I mean when a neo-conservative defenestrates it’s like Raskolnikov filibustered deoxymonohydroxinate.

  5. NaughtyVampireGod says:

    I liked Dennis Miller before he sold out and became a country club Republican.

  6. Plutonar says:

    I ironically just ‘liked’ this video, as did most. I hardly moved my wrist and gave slight index finger pressure. Might the only non-hypocritical ppl be the 3 that thumbed it down?
    My YouTube munchies are suddenly over, my whole surfing session is stuttering, I’m viscerally torn between watching Jon Stewart next, or grabbing that long-unread book, and yet : hooking up my laptop to Grandma’s flatscreen to show her Google Body/ Art Project/ Earth seems like an improvement without ANY downside.

  7. philliesphan312 says:

    Wow! This was even five years before the reality tv juggernot got us! Even back then there were people on tv who had an iota of acting talent. Looks like he was right saying the technology would get us.

  8. feebleblunt1 says:

    @lbsrfr999 your joke on my screen name THAT WAS FUNNY AND BRIEF, get it. also if you listen closely you will hear him make reference to to said writers as he read the joke off of the teleprompter. i have listened to his radio show (before he was taken off the air in NYC). as to his knowledge of the issues, his depth is as shallow as a puddle of piss.

  9. Clownspike77 says:

    It’s all about the drums. Like maybe he’s with “the writers” and it became to “esoteric”. Like “where we are now” is a final judgment on who he was as a person.

  10. lbsrfr999 says:

    @feebleblunt1 – Dennis is brilliant. He does this stuff daily on his radio show. He blows away feeble minded and blunt induced callers with quick wit and knowledge of the issues.

  11. fishandfestival says:

    This was a very cool show…I wish HBO would bring it back.

  12. namdooga69 says:

    If you don’t like him, please don’t feel bad. He tends to have that effect on the unintelligent…you’re not alone.

  13. feebleblunt1 says:

    his rants are funny only because he used a team of writers. off the top of his head the only person laughing is him. watch him on Bill O’s show. also he seems to have forgotten “brevity is the soul of wit”. I’m surprised that he doesn’t run out of breath before he get to the punchline/point.

  14. feebleblunt1 says:

    @lbsrfr999 so tell me lbs,why don’t the conservatives in Hollywood 1, start there own studios,2,hire neoconservative writers,3 form there own distribution companies? thereby ensuring that conservative values are represented. oh wait they did that already it was called the 1950s

  15. ARMquaman says:

    @xMiNTiixFRESHHx WOW, that’s a laser sharp summation of Dennis Miller’s deal these days. I used to be a HUUUGGE fan but his inexplicable arm-chair warrior stance is beyond forced and nauseating, he’s lost me.

    He got in bed with DUBYA because I think he performed at state dinner & I think Bush liked some tired MacGyver reference he might have made and pretends to be righty. You’re right, his references now are VERY lightweight and just soo dated which is a lot of his appeal to me in the 90s.

  16. thepickletrain says:

    most people are stupid by their own free will. there are educational programs on tv, people are just more interested in the jersey shore. most people are fat by their own free will as well. people could eat healthy, but they’d rather eat something unhealthy because it tastes good.

  17. 60microphonemajesty says:

    Miller has a poise like no other and deliverance making Leno look crappy.IMO

  18. Ryomaslade45 says:

    @MarkArandjus I think he was aiming more towards the normal people having more reliance on it. The idiot who just needs to pass Spanish so he can go out and play another season of Hockey in High school, can now easily do his essay using some program(on a slightly higher quality level then babelfish) and really no one would be the wiser.
    But you could also be right as well, especially since such programs weren’t as available in ’95.

  19. ninuxy says:

    @bundlesofmsg It’s actually a multi-path highway; they objectify the women and dumbify [sic] the men, and it sells.

  20. MarkArandjus says:

    Good rant til 4:20 ,the terror of the never-ending horizon of new technology, please. The horrors of the internet. Less striving, so terrible.

    Y’know, they said the exact same thing when they made books and scrolls and stored them in libraries in ancient times – that people will become more stupid because nobody will memorize literature anymore since less work will be involved to get to information. But I can’t blame him for not seeing 10 years in the future technologically, no one can.

  21. Jebediah13 says:

    we took the right one

  22. Shanniquitie says:

    he’s funnyish, but really…is he using many “big words”?? how stupid are you people? this is basic english.

  23. golftrailsucks says:


  24. golftrailsucks says:


  25. AKQJ40 says:


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