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Dennis Miller – The Huge Speech

Segment from recent HBO comedy unique. Miller’s take on Islam – Terrorists and Nancy Pelosi.
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25 Responses to “Dennis Miller – The Huge Speech”

  1. movieaddict19 says:

    Maher and Miller are a hell of alot smarter than any fuckwad thats in the US Government right now, nuff said

  2. kuvyogvixai says:

    I bet “Liberals for the Pussification of the American Males” really hate this guy…haha little bitches, as we laugh at him, we also laugh at you!!!

  3. meeperkins says:

    @texan78666 ignorant

  4. mizzlehotch777 says:

    @MidnightRambler73 DrPolitiks is referring to what we now term as Classical Liberalism, the true original liberalism, that does promote individualism.

  5. MordechayAriely says:

    Islamists monthly killing numbers calling Allah Akbar.

    Year 2010-9175

    From-India to Russia-Philippin-UK:Thailand to NY-Argentina-China:France to Kenya
    - in all 58 Muslim countries.

    *Have you seen Muslim&so called human right organization demonstrating to stop:
    *Islamism Killing Ideology?
    *Teaching,preaching hate worldwide funded by Arab/Iran countries?
    *Forming parties in all 58 Muslim countries demanding end of Islamism?

  6. MidnightRambler73 says:

    @DrPolitiks Sorry to inform you, it has been liberals who have pushed multiculturalism and political correctness down our throats in my country. You’re probably right that liberalism as a political ideology has been tainted, so has other ideologies such as conservatism etc, but it has been liberals who have f’ed up my country in so many ways.

  7. DrPolitiks says:

    No sir, that’s not liberalism. Liberalism would not promote multiculturalism. Liberalism would promote individualism and the INDIVIDUAL’S right to choose whatever religion he wants–promoting multiculturalism is a collective ideal, not an individualistic one. “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God.” – Thomas Jefferson. Unfortunately, the word “liberal” has become tainted and its true definition has been lost.

  8. uniquetool says:

    No, I’m not a poly-sci major. I do, however, have a daughter who was one. If you happened to step outside and live in the country for a spell, you’d soon learn that classic liberalism and modern American liberalism have two different meanings in America, and nobody needs an explanation as to which kind of liberal BHO is. For the purpose of clarily, I will reclassify him as a “statist”, and once again assert that his plans are no better for America than they were for the soviets.

  9. MidnightRambler73 says:

    @DRPolitiks…With the liberals political correctness, always accomodating under the guise of multiculturalism and not to offend and with the atheists who fought hard for years to remove religious symbolism from our public schools(more so Christianity)…where are they now when muslims are granted Friday prayers in a school where the cafeteria gets cleared out for a bow down?…quiet so far!

  10. MidnightRambler73 says:

    @DrPolitiks I’m in Canada and here’s what liberalism has given us…Liberal politics have dominated the Canadian scene for the most part over the years. Some conservative govts, but liberals have dominated. Liberals here rammed multiculturalism down our throats as an official policy and political correctness…along with the atheists and other far lefties. Today, in a public school in Toronto, muslims are allowed Friday prayers….continued in another comment…

  11. DrPolitiks says:

    You are obviously not a political science major: Liberalism is an ideology that advocates individual rights, limited government, and free-market economics. Barack Obama is NOT a liberal, and the Soviet Union was the exact opposite of liberalism. Only in the United States would someone think that the USSR was the embodiment of liberalism. Only in the U.S. do we have to refer to real liberalism as “classical liberalism,” and ironically, that is the ideology of our Founding Fathers!

  12. DrPolitiks says:

    Quit splitting the country into Liberal v. Conservative. We neither have liberals nor conservatives in this country. We have Democrats and Republicans, and no matter who is in office, we can be sure that nothing will change. That is why the Patriot Act remains, that is why the two wars continue with yet another military conflict in Libya to add, and that is why our debt continues to increase while our rights continue to get pissed on.

  13. DrPolitiks says:

    Do you even understand what liberalism is? Look up the definition for “classical liberalism” or “economic liberalism.” We have not had liberalism in the United States for a long, long time. Liberalism values the individual most–that means small government, free-market economics, and a non-interventionist foreign policy like the Founders of our Nation wanted.

  14. uniquetool says:

    Dennis is a very funny fellow. Any of you libs who think he’s stupid, go back and read the liberal comments below. They read like the banter heard on a school buss full of 4th graders. No wonder only about 20% of the country identifies itself as “liberal” these days. Too embarrasing to identify with such dullards.

    The only thing that puzzles me is why every generation has to learn the same lessons over again. The Soviet empire was the embodiment of liberalism. So is greece. Who’s next?

  15. Ryanne101290 says:

    Maybe the liberals aren’t laughing because they don’t know what he’s talking about.

  16. starfannumberone says:

    @texan78666 FANTASTIC COMMENT!!!

  17. MidnightRambler73 says:

    Want to anger a conservative?…tell him a lie. Want to anger a liberal?….tell him the truth. When libs and other left leaning political folk have someone like Miller point out the facts, the best they can come up with is that he’s “scum”, “failure”, etc etc…Liberalism is ridiculous and it always comes back to get ya down the road and bite you in the arse. European countries are up to their eyeballs with countless of probs after years of liberalism…came back to bite them

  18. star50ify says:

    Dennis Miller is total scum. A failed actor, a failed comedian, a failed human being. You know this unfunny cunt doesn’t even believe this shit. He does if for the money, because only stupid conservatives would pay money to listen to this garbage. Jesus,this guy has no shame.

  19. msbahari says:

    pure racism

  20. bennlau says:

    There’s a reason why all comedians are liberal-leaning…he’s not funny.

  21. bballpsycho64 says:

    *im not muslim
    i thought this was more offensive than funny…. i dont know why all these people are laughing so hard..? lol
    didnt laugh out loud once.

  22. RichAdams21 says:

    In the 80′s Miller played a liberal because it was the only way he get a job to support his coke habit. Now he plays a conservative because it’s de rigeur, he’s rich and he wants to keep his money. Which is the real Dennis Miller? The funny guy from the 80′s or the stuffy, unfunny bore of the last 15 years? Does it matter? Anybody who switches viewpoints to such an extreme can’t be trusted.

  23. con1633 says:

    This guy pisses on Bill Maher lol whom is not funny..

  24. IlanKingLL says:

    Hes funny and right :) !

  25. c0p13dn4m3 says:

    It’s funny to see that texan got so many thumbs up. When you check out her channel it’s obvious she’s not a republican. Noone who listens to Megadeth would be stupid enough to be one. Well, I guess giving the finger to Bill Maher gets you guys horny, that’s why you liked it.

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