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Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials

Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials


Now for the first time, all seven of Dennis Miller’s critically acclaimed HBO Comedy Specials are available on DVD from Standing Room Only Entertainment, in this complete Collector’s Edition 3-DVD Set.

Dennis Miller has been hailed as one of t

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List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 16.50

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5 Responses to “Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials”

  1. T. Scarillo says:

    Review by T. Scarillo for Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials
    This is a very good value for the money – Dennis Miller’s seven (7) HBO Specials on three DVD’s. Some of these have never been on DVD before, and it’s pretty convenient to have them all in one package.

    I’m giving it five stars, mainly for value and for the inclusion of the two key specials: Mr. Miller Goes to Washington (1988), which is the very same show that (more or less, with a couple of edits) was released as the classic “Off-White Album” on Warner Bros. Records – this LP was a staple of my college years. The other absolute gem here is “The Millennium Special”, which I think was up for an Emmy or two. It’s one of the greatest comedy specials you’ll ever see – consistently firing on all cylinders, hitting both highbrow historical references and some pretty lowbrow laughs (with Norm McDonald, who is a riot with his `guest’ appearances throughout). I taped this off HBO and must’ve watched it around 12 or 15 times over the years, and always wondered why it wasn’t out on DVD. The other specials included are “Black and White” (1990), “Live From Washington DC” (1994), “Citizen Arcane” (1996), “The Raw Feed” (2003) and “All In” (2006). All specials are basically 45 min-to-one-hour in running length, ranging from very good to just ok – the two recent ones are just ok; some good gags but I’m of the opinion that Miller was a lot funnier before he decided he was a Republican, post-9/11. He used to be a pretty acerbic equal-opportunity offender, leaning somewhat left, but in “Raw Feed” and “All In” he pretty much comes off as a hard-core Bush Republican: for better or worse, depending on your political leanings, it’s preserved here for posterity.

    The picture and sound on all these are excellent – very sharp, better than other video’d standup concerts I’ve seen from the same era. So despite any misgivings that some might have about his metamorphosis to the right, as of late, it’s still a very worthwhile collection to have if you like(d) him and/or collect standup on DVD. If you get this, you can skip buying the few specials that were already on DVD, and you’ll have everything in one package. Ok, Baboo? That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong…….

  2. Mark Hunt says:

    Review by Mark Hunt for Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials
    It is about time!!! My VHS copies of these specials are about to wear out. Every single one is smart, funny, and full of the most obscure references you will ever find. With DVDs of most of all the SNL Alum being released all the time, it was about time we Dennis Miller fans get some love too. Can a Special Edition Director’s Cut of BORDELLO OF BLOOD be too far behind???

  3. Cynthia Clark says:

    Review by Cynthia Clark for Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials
    Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials if u cannot get enough of him on fox news ,like me, get this dvd for entire retropective.

  4. Lawrence A. Pfaff says:

    Review by Lawrence A. Pfaff for Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials
    This is a good comedy…it is great to see Dennis Miller’s progression from the beginning to now. Be warned though, sometimes Dennis makes a series of intellectual connects that only the most mentally adept can follow…he is one of the few comedians who does not depend exclusively on bathroom humor.

  5. gary clevenger says:

    Review by gary clevenger for Dennis Miller: The HBO Comedy Specials
    Dennis Miller The Complete HBO Specials

    Finally in one place,you now can enjoy the one and only Dennis Miller.I enjoyed watching all the dvds included in this set most of them I had never seen before

    I have watched this dvd set multiple number of times and you will too. A must have for your collection.

    Worth every penny I payed for the set,If just for the 1st Dennis Miller special which is included in this set.

    All seven specials are a must have for your dvd collection………………….Enjoy !!

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